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Same Size Balls

Same Size Balls is about exploring issues facing the quest for equality in women's sports. Ever wonder why men's and women's basketballs are a different size? Why women can't play five sets in tennis, check in hockey, or play physical in lacrosse? I do, too.

Blogging Sochi: An Olympics Roundup
While millions turn their eyes to the Russian resort town for today’s opening ceremony, the Sochi Olympics have been on the minds of many for months — especially those competing for a spot on a national team. We’re thrilled that so many ...[Read on]
Freshly Pressed: Four Friday Faves
No more of this “waiting until the end of the month” nonsense to see what was hot on Freshly Pressed! To keep our Freshly Pressed editors’ picks, um, fresh, we’ll highlight a few of our (and your) favorite posts here every Friday. ...[Read on]
“Men slap five when they make a good play, women clap furiously”; A Reason to Dislike Women’s Basketball?
Sometimes it kind of sucks to not be in on a joke. Everyone around you laughing, as you awkwardly stand there, pretending you understand, wishing you understood what the hell was so funny. This happens whenever I come across WNBA jokes — and it ha...[Read on]
Media errors, Twitter convos and Abby Wambach had me pondering gender issues
Aren’t there times when gender divisions are indistinguishable, when biases are nonexistent? Or is it idealistic to think that we can ignore such things? Even when I’m not thinking about women’s sports and gender issues, somehow it finds me. I was...[Read on]
Today in Awesomely Sexist Commercials!
This ad is not related to sports directly, but it would quite possibly (OK, DEFINITELY) be the most sexist commercial…of all time. This commercial is shown ad naseum on MLB Network and I have seen it extremely frequently the last couple of weeks. There...[Read on]
Basketball is basketball?
The NCAA tournament is a constant reminder to women’s basketball fans that basketball isn’t basketball. The women’s Division I tournament is, at best, ignored by sports media, casual fans, and basketball die-hards alike, and at worst, treated with ...[Read on]
The Maya Moore bandwagon is crowded, and rightfully so
Why does a person decide to become a fan of a specific player? Is it the highest scorer on your favorite team? Is it the flashiest player in the league? Is it the player who always carries a smile and has something fun and interesting to say? Or is it th...[Read on]
UConn women’s basketball’s streak buzz: from the media’s standpoint
Here are some more thoughts on UConn women’s basketball’s winning streak as the tying game against Ohio State gets closer: —–Christine Brennan wrote a post about how if a men’s team was in UConn’s position, the media coverage would be complet...[Read on]
Bill Simmons and blatantly sexist media
Emma Span, a baseball author, wrote this post about “staggering casual sexism” in Bill Simmon’s, The Book of Basketball. It does an excellent job of summing up his completely sexist comparisons and statements in his basketball book. Yes, a basketbal...[Read on]
Positive thoughts concerning UConn women’s basketball’s streak
We’ve spent enough time listening to sports pundits dissecting, dismantling, criticizing, and bloviating about the UConn women’s basketball winning streak. We’ve heard enough uninformed arguments about how it’s detrimental to wo...[Read on]