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The Game Doesn’t Stop After A Bad Call: CAN Hockey beats USA 3-2 in 1st Round
Before we launch into that, let us pause for a moment to contemplate exactly how bad that call was.  It was probably top three in the worst call pantheon I have personally witnessed.  What makes it particularly egregious is that the referee know...[Read on]
Who Wins Tomorrow? (USA vs. CAN Hockey)
The fact that the U.S. has looked the stronger team coming in means nothing in this rivalry.  As I’ve noted many times, at this point the match-up is 95% psychological and the teams are looking for that 5% separation any place they can find it....[Read on]
Puck Drop In Sochi: Secret Weapons
Here are some lesser-known pieces of the puzzle for Canada and the U.S., and a few stars who could be crucial to the other national squads. Defense is the forgotten part of the U.S.’s game, largely because of its intermittently powerful offense and...[Read on]
Yes, Finland Has Some Excellent HockeyPlayers
A discussion has led me to the understanding that I need to be more precise with my wording from the end of the last post.  Finland has a lot of very strong position players (although if you look at the rosters posted where I just did they are all Sw...[Read on]
Sochi, Here We Come
Comparing the top two teams in women’s hockey seems almost useless if sweeping pronouncements and firm predictions are the goals.  The attempt to find an edge, however slight, has dominated the rivalry and it results in small swings of momentum...[Read on]
Canada Has Failed Its National Hockey Team
In a fairly stunning turn of events, Hockey Canada relieved Dan Church of his job on December 17th.  They claim he resigned for personal reasons.  But this article makes it seem like it was a hockey decision.  That makes zero sense.  C...[Read on]
A First Word On New Hockey Stats
What is this ‘advanced stats’ thing I have occasionally been talking about?  It’s really not that complicated as a concept!  Basically many (but not all) of the statistics we use to understand the performance of hockey players ...[Read on]
Games Of Interest With Your Leftover Turkey
I’m frankly surprised they’ve scheduled NCAA women’s hockey games on Thanksgiving weekend.  Given these athletes a break. Now I’m going to be a hypocrite and suggest which of those games you should watch.  The big draw i...[Read on]
Hockey: Canada Narrowly Escapes With Four Nations Gold
Get used to what happened last weekend, because if we are truly to reach parity in the international game we’ll be seeing a lot more of it.  I think this was a bit of a shadow play of what’s coming, however.  Teams such as Finland an...[Read on]
Women, Coaching, And Hockey
Note: Edited! Maine coach Maria Lewis, formerly an assistant at North Dakota and Mercyhurst, has resigned.  Coach Lewis does not appear to have made a statement on her own behalf, so we don’t know her side of the story.  The ostensible re...[Read on]