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Pretty Strong

A blog about Olympic Weightlifting as a sport and a form of training for women. Written by two strong girls!

Poor Athlete Recipe: Chicken Basil Pasta
That's as good a name as I could come up with. This recipe is one of my recent favorites because it is: cheap, fast/easy to cook, and delicious!Fresh Basil $1.88Whole Rotisserie Chicken $6.993 Roma Tomatoes A little over $1/lbsOlive Oil Free - it's my roo...[Read on]
Jessica Marie Salvaggio: i chose happiness
Lately I've been thinking about what I should blog about so hard my brains been hurting. I've gotten lots of requests and people asking me whats going on in my life pre and post National Championships and why I haven't been writing. Truthfully I'm not rea...[Read on]
Never train like there's going to be tomorrow
I was reflecting on my truly last heavy day that I have had and it was mid-august. Just a couple of weeks after I heard the news of my suspension. The tension and emotions were still running wild. I was getting prepared for the World Championships and so ...[Read on]
Ice cream, a movie and other things people want me to talk about
I got bored tonight and have extra time This is what you guys wanted me to blog about:Kristen wants me to talk about ice Cream: Well, I had a local flavor recently called Mardi Gras or something. I normally hate vanilla flavored anything (it's boring) but...[Read on]
Life of a Weightlifter: Where you been, Sarah?
Ok, so obviously, I have not been very active on the interweb the past few months and it all has to do with my inability to compete. Sad face. I know you're all thinking, "Man, I miss Sarah. Where has she been my whole, past, few months?"  The answe...[Read on]
how i relate fearlessly, J
Today was the best day i've had in a long time. I was funny. No really like actually super funny. Maybe not but i still had fun announcing for my first time ever instead of lifting at a competition. I got mad jokes yo... oh and i did a good job like annou...[Read on]
Conclusion of the Weightlifting National Championships via @roblympian
Well, I have internet and a few minutes so I thought I'd tell you about how the National Championships turned out for me. I suppose when Jessica is ready, she'll do the same. Because I love Clint Eastwood so much, I will write this in "The Good, The Bad a...[Read on]
Nationals Fan Contest!! via @roblympian & @jessicamarie979
hey everyone!! i'm sure you're in love with us by now because we're so beautiful and funny on our vlogs but we're also kinda strong! I wanted to remind everyone we have a contest going right now and tomorrow at 5pm is the last chance to submit a guess...[Read on]
Week before the National Championships (weightlifting)
I just wanted to let you know what the week before my National Championships is going to look like. Everyone has different rituals, strategies, and methodologies. No one program is the same; nor is there one that works for every athlete. See how Jessica a...[Read on]
My bracelets are here!!! via @roblympian
Ok. I am really excited! For many reasons of course. Firstly, the fabled bracelets are finally here. Show everyone that you're Pretty Strong. The proceeds from these bracelets go to me, Sarah Robles. To get yours, donate $5 to the "Team Robles" paypal ...[Read on]