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My blog is a place for coaches at all levels who are interested in building teams, motivating their student athletes, and coaching ideas that work. You won't find drills or job postings there, but you will find thoughts from a self-proclaimed coaching nerd who wants to help coaches and teams thrive.

Coach Dawn: Follow These 8 Principles To Reach Success
source In a TEDtalk titled, Success is a Continuous Journey, Richard St. John talked about being on top of the heap…and then getting complacent, overconfident, and cocky.  Which led him losing all of his clients and the aforementioned success...[Read on]
Great Coaching Advice…From A Coach Smarter Than Me via @CoachDawnWrites
source The first year I started coaching, I went to my first major coaching convention.  A week-long affair, I learned so much about the profession that I thought my head would explode.  As a young coach, fresh out of college, I was living in a...[Read on]
Coach Dawn Writes: How To Motivate Our Teams
source Daniel Pink focuses on how we’re motivated in a TEDtalk called, “The Puzzle of Motivation“.  He spends a lot of time going into why we’re going at motivation all wrong and in an outdated way.  In example after exa...[Read on]
Non-Verbal Communication via @CoachDawnWrites
source “Our bodies change our minds And our minds change our behavior And our behavior changes our outcomes.“ In a TEDtalk called Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are by Amy Cuddy, I learned that how we present ourselves is amazingly powerf...[Read on]
Advice For New Coaches via @CoachDawnWrites
source I was watching the local news last night and my favorite station was debuting a new meteorologist.  Just for background, I live in a smallish city, so we seem to be the testing ground for all new and untested TV personalities. This poor guy ...[Read on]
Play Like A Girl via @CoachDawnWrites
source I don’t know if you’ve seen this #LikeAGirl youtube video, but you should check it out.  The throw/run/play/etc. “like a girl” phrase is still a thing on athletic fields and PE classes all over the country.  Watch...[Read on]
Coaches Corner: Evaluating Drills For Effective Practices
source I’m a big fan of evaluating my program after each season. Everything from hotels and restaurants we used to game schedule and practice plans. I certainly don’t think that evaluation must necessarily lead to changes, though it should le...[Read on]
Coaches Corner: What Is Advanced Teamwork? via @CoachDawnWrites
source Becky Schmidt is the head volleyball coach at Hope College and has had an amazingly successful run. Consistently in the top five of Division III, she’s figured out what it takes to put winning teams together. In talking to her about some str...[Read on]
Coaches Corner: Next Level Coaching via @coachdawn
source Coaching is more than X’s and O’s…I’m pretty sure most folks reading this would agree to that. So what is it, if it’s more than the tangibles? Coaching is about leadership, teaching our players how to work well with...[Read on]
Coaches Corner: Women Coaching Women via @Coachdawnwrites
source I enjoy coaching women. Not because they’re dramatically different than coaching men, but because I never had a female head coach as an athlete and I think that’s too bad. Think about the ruckus it causes when a woman coaches men in an...[Read on]