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My blog is a place for coaches at all levels who are interested in building teams, motivating their student athletes, and coaching ideas that work. You won't find drills or job postings there, but you will find thoughts from a self-proclaimed coaching nerd who wants to help coaches and teams thrive.

Coaches Corner: Four Things To Think About When Considering A New Job via @Coachdawnwrites
source Kelly Sheffield believes in where he is right now. He believes that he can win at the University of Wisconsin and he believes he can convince talented volleyball players to join him there. I’m sure you’re thinking, “Well, who wou...[Read on]
Coaches Corner: The Roles Of Player And Coach via @Coachdawnwrites
source As I mentioned before, I’m a Badger alum, so I watch their volleyball team with a more attentive eye than other programs.  Because I know the type of team Kelly Sheffield inherited, I am more than amazed at the turnaround he spearheaded...[Read on]
Coaches Corner: What Does Enthusiasm Look Like? via @coachdawnwrites
source Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.—Ralph Waldo Emerson Maybe in your life, you get a chance to chat on the phone with incredibly successful Big Ten coaches, but it is quite the thrill for me.  Speaking to Kelly Sheffie...[Read on]
Coaches Corner: Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable via @CoachDawnWrites
source “Reaching your potential can’t ever be comfortable.” —Kelly Sheffield, Head Women’s Volleyball Coach, University of Wisconsin I read an interview with Sheffield where he said he expects his players to immerse themsel...[Read on]
Coaches Corner: Kelly Sheffield via @Coachdawnwrites
source I’m excited to start a new series called Coaches Corner.  I’ve had the idea to connect with my fellow coaches in a meaningful way for a while now.  I finally decided to go for it.  I put my list of coaches I’d like...[Read on]
Compilation Of Knowledge From Coaching Legends via @Coachdawnwrites
source I had some fun during March Madness.  I wrote a bunch of articles based on the thoughts of basketball coaching giants.  Check them out and learn from the masters. The John Wooden series: John Wooden won ten national championships in twe...[Read on]
The Two Sides Of Every Coach via @coachdawnwrites
source Over the years, the image of VanDerveer has taken two forms, one warm and engaging, one not so much.  Her defining yin and yang appears to be toughness and tenderness. She demonstrates the former as needed; it’s the latter that people c...[Read on]
Is Your Best Athlete Your Best Leader? via @Coachdawnwrites
source When your best players are your hardest workers, you have the chance to be very good. —Tara VanDerveer When your best players aren’t vocal leaders.  This is a common problem.  I don’t know how many times I’ve com...[Read on]
How To Teach Leadership via @coachdawnwrites
source Leadership is really a form of temporary authority that others grant you, and they only follow you if they find you consistently credible. It’s all about perception—and if teammates find you the least bit inconsistent, moody, unpredict...[Read on]
Using Feedback As Motivation via @coachdawnwrites
source In the absence of feedback, people will fill in the blanks with a negative. They will assume you don’t care about them or don’t like them.—Pat Summitt Try this experiment with your team.  As players migrate in at the beginn...[Read on]