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San Diego, CA

About KPjaveliner:

Originally from the gorgeous Pacific Northwest, I love family, friends and working hard to accomplish my goals. I spend as much time outside enjoying nature as possible, but highly enjoy lazy TV days when I need them too. I look forward to pursuing other interests besides javelin in the future!

KPjaveliner's Favorite Sports:

Aquatic, Bodyboard, Kitesurf, Paddle Board, Mountain Bike, Fishing, , Men's Football, Gymnastics, Olympics, Figure Skating, Speed Skating, Track & Field, Beach Volleyball, Downhill, Ski Jump, Camping, Canoe, Dance, Hike/Backpack, Kayak, Outdoors/Adventure, Polo, Scuba Diving, Skydive, Table Tennis, Water Ski, Yoga

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Kara Throws Javelin

The American Record holder in the javelin shares about everything that goes on in her professional javelin thrower life; injuries, training, competition, friendships, hardships, and victories, plus rest and recreation.

Lausanne and Harry Jerome via @karathrowsjav
Two continents, two weeks, two competitions, two different versions of Kara, similar end results.  Lausanne, Switzerland is my new favorite European competition.  Flying into Geneva was fun because it was pretty countryside, then the mountains ...[Read on]
Kara Throws Javelin: Rome, NYC & Sacramento/USAs!
Whew!  The last three or so weeks have been a bit packed, so I’m catching you up on Rome, New York, and USAs here. I competed in the Rome Golden Gala on June 9th  in the 1964 Olympic Stadium.  I love Rome!  I’ve gotten to ...[Read on]
Tucson Elite via @Karathrowsjav
I competed in Tucson, Arizona last weekend at one of the most fun competitions of the year!  Every May, the majority of elite American throwers head to the University of Arizona for a meet that features only field events, and focuses on the throws.&n...[Read on]
Doha via @KarathrowsJav
A belated recap of the Doha Diamond League!I already told you that my travel was super easy!  So my body felt pretty good warming up for competition because I'd traveled well and slept even better upon arrival.  I also had a great roommate to pa...[Read on]
Kara Patterson Pre-Doha Thoughts
Deplaning in Frankfurt.City view from the warm-up track!Doha mosque at sunset from the warm-up track.Qatar Sports Club.I'm in a new part of the world!  I've never been to the middle east before, so this is fun.  Qatar is across the Persian Gulf ...[Read on]
Belated Drake Relays Wrap-up via Kara Patterson
This is a belated Drake Relays wrap-up post! I competed two Fridays ago at Drake Relays in Des Moines, Iowa.  My family came, ASICS puts on the meet, Russ threw well, and I met some cool new friends, so the weekend was fabulous!  Unfortunately, ...[Read on]
Texas Relays via @Karathrowsjav
I just drove back into Colorado Springs after spending two weeks in Austin, Texas in preparation for the 87th Annual Clyde Littlefield Texas Relays!  Yes, I drove down there because a) plane tickets were super expensive, b) oversize baggage fees for ...[Read on]
Nerves @karathrowsjav
I’m opening my season on Friday morning!!!OMG, I’m opening my season on Friday morning.Mike A. Myers StadiumRemember how I said I’d shout my schedule from the rooftops, and do it early?  I do too, and I’m sorry that I’ve...[Read on]
2013 via @karathrowsjav
Merry Christmas!!  I've written a lot of reflective posts in the past year, as surgery and the subsequent recovery makes you look at where you've been and where you're going while challenging you in the present.  This is slightly different, as i...[Read on]
2014 via @Karathrowsjav
Since July, I've camped, road-tripped, backpacked, fished, photographed, played card games, seen old friends, made new friends, and slept to my heart's content.  I started bodybuilding (higher volume lifting with specific recovery times and such...[Read on]