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Britney Henry - Olympian in Progress

Pro athlete Britney Henry blogs about her training and more to keep her friends, family and fans updated on her quest to achieve her Olympic Dream! Henry is one of the best hammer throwers in the United States.

I got hammered...almost~ via @hammerlover
I have always wanted to shoot a shot like this and Geoff Scott made it happen!Had a blast at this quick and easy shoot :) ...[Read on]
Drug free and always will be~via @hammerlover
One topic has been stuck in my head for the last few days, and is something that I feel is important to blog about; drugs in my sport of track and field.I can't imagine the reasoning that goes on in an athletes mind when they justify taking a Performance ...[Read on]
165 pounds- Check! via @hammerlover
“165 Coach?!?!” “Yes...165lb to 168lb”“Well how am I suppose to do that ?!?!? I have been trying for years to gain weight…”“Eat!!! Eat In and Out at least 3 times a week and none of that Protein Style bull&...[Read on]
Back to my regularly scheduled program~via @hammerlover
I have a confession to make; I have had my training bag packed for the last week and I still have one week to go until fall training. It may be that I have some new clothes to wear, new shoes to break in or just that I miss spinning in circles terribly ba...[Read on]
I'm not good with 'Goodbyes' so I will just say ‘See ya later’ via @hammerlover
Over the past 2 years, I have had the great pleasure of working with one of the best hotel chains in the world; Hilton Worldwide. This opportunity was due to the Team USA Career Program, a great program that is offered to Olympians and Olympic Hopefuls. T...[Read on]
Rest my wings~via @hammerlover
  My mind and body has finally come to rest after a whirlwind tour of the west coast.   One week in Canada for the NTL Series and a week home for the Ironwood camp can sure make you appericate down time.   Canada was amazing as always....[Read on]
Flying with the Flock (@oiselle) via Britney Henry (@hammerlover)
As you all have seen, I have taken a brief hiatus from the blog world. I really had no idea what to talk about but now I do:).Over the last few days my cheeks have been a little sore from all the smiling that has been had. Why you ask?!?! I HAVE AN OFFICI...[Read on]
The word of the year: Calm~(Britney Henry Blog)
“The only way to maximize potential for performance is to be calm in the mind” Their is no better feeling in the world then to be calm.  After a summer of living life and having fun every chance I could get, calm has come over my min...[Read on]
Summer of fun! (Britney Henry blog)
The week proceeding the Olympic Trials I wrote down a list of activities that I wanted to do this summer. Everything from hanging out with my friends to paint balling. It is my chance to step fully away from my hammer, and focus on myself and having fun -...[Read on]
“Remember this feeling”
"This feeling is going to motivate you for the next four years”. Lance DealAs I walked away from the hammer area at the Olympic Trials, I was numb. I didn't know what to think, what to feel or even what to say. All I knew was that it hurt, really ba...[Read on]