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Former MuayThai fighter (twice WMC Intercontinental champion). Now a journalist in Ireland but still love sports!

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Action, Boardsports, Boxing, Cycling, BMX, Cyclocross, Mountain Bike, Road Cycling, Track Cycling, Equestrian, MMA, Running, Wintersports, Jump Rope

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Review: The Breakaway from Olympic cyclist Nicole Cooke
Nicole Cooke wins Gold at Beijing PIC AP via The TelegraphDo you know Nicole Cooke? You should if you have or want to have an interest in women’s sport, but especially if you’re interested in clean sport.The Welsh cyclist retired last year w...[Read on]
Speed Sisters in Palestine
Speed Sisters When you see Tanya Habjouqa's photographs of cars drifting in the West Bank it takes a moment to realise the drivers are women. When I did, I flicked quickly back to the start to really understand what I was seeing.Speed Sisters ( postcard a...[Read on]
Taylor joins Mary Kom to take five boxing world titles
So once again Katie Taylor has taken a record and made it her own - joining Mary Kom on a select list of boxers with five world titles. Picked off consecutively no less. Yana Allekseva, Katie Taylor and Yin Junhua PIC Doug McDermottWatching someone stay c...[Read on]
"Boxing can be cruel" as Irish team has mixed fortunes in Korea
Irish team at the AIBA world champs PIC via IABA.ieThe AIBA Women's World Boxing Championships continue in Korea this week with some great fights popping up all over the internet.  It used to be that women's boxing existed in a shadowy corner of sai...[Read on]
Do you wear makeup when doing sport?
This is a bigger question than it might seem. No matter how hardcore you are, everyone wants to look good in those Winner Winner shots. And while a few years ago you would have  had a few minutes to scape the sweaty hair back and declog your eyes, no...[Read on]
Bodypaint shocker Down Under with Women's Health
Regular readers will know I often bemoan the lack of an Irish or British magazine as good as the Australian editon of Women's Health. So you might understand how taken-aback I was to read WH had semi-naked bodypainted models parading around at the 'I...[Read on]
What drives you to get up and train?
Katie Taylor looking to be the best female boxer in the world, and Irish rugby player Paul O'Connell looking to be the best male rugby player in the world.Toyota have brought them together in a fascinating look behind the scenes at training in both sports...[Read on]
Diversity shines at the Asian Games but not for everyone
PIC Reuters via Al JazeeraPlaying sport as a woman can be challenging, and even impossible in some situations so it's disappointing that the International Basketball Federation has ruled against hijabs. The Asian Games are taking place at the moment, and ...[Read on]
The Flying Squirrel makes waves in Queensland
Meet The Flying Squirrel, and get your weekend off to an inspiring start. Don't let her being just six put you off getting in the water ... ...[Read on]
Inquest report on racehorse breeder Lucy Stack's death
A few months ago I posted on the tragically early death of racehorse breeder Lucy Stack. Her moving letters to her family were reproduced in many papers and in that post, as were the tributes paid to her at the funeral. An inquest into her death took plac...[Read on]