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Rochester Hills, Michigan

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LOVE to run. 9-time All-American at DIII St. Norbert in De Pere, WI. Now living a dream as a professional runner for the Hansons-Brooks Distance Project in Rochester, Michigan! I am also a huge social media nerd - when I'm not running or lifting weights, I'm probably on Facebook, Twitter, or looking at various running sites (Flotrack, Letsrun, and of course Women Talk Sports!). My family is also a HUGE part of my life - my amazing parents and 2 brothers are my biggest fans and I love them with all my heart! :) My friends/teammates are always there for me too and I love them to death as well! I'm also a huge sports fan - hence, why I joined this site! Just take a look below at all the different sports I'm interested in. Eventually, I hope to go to grad school with a goal of becoming an athletic director or NCAA college conference commissioner. My favorite sports teams are the Packers and the Brewers... and of course the Green Knights! :) One other love of mine is Disney. I have gone to Disney World every year since I was 3 years old! I recently won the Disney 1/2 Marathon, which was an absolute blast! :)

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Basketball, W College Hoops, WNBA, Football, , Men's Football, Gymnastics, Ice Hockey, Multisport, Duathlon, Ironman, Triathlon, Olympics, Paralympics, Summer Games, Winter Games, Running, Cross Country, Marathon, Race Report, Skating, Figure Skating, Speed Skating, Track & Field, Volleyball, Beach Volleyball, Weightlifting, Wintersports, Bobsled/Luge, Ski, Downhill, Freestyle, Jump, Ski Jump, Snowboard

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Jenny on the Run

This blog is all about me, Jenny Scherer, & my many adventures in running! I recently graduated from Division III St. Norbert College after having run track & field/cross country for 4 years for the Green Knights, & am now a professional runner for the Hansons-Brooks Distance Project! I pour my heart & soul in to running - it keeps me sane, and the success I have achieved makes all the hard work pay off. Come follow me as I continue to mature as a runner, and a person!

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Healthy and Happy (@knightrunner22 blog)
“My coach finally put it out there: “You want to be different, yet you crave to be normal.” It’s true. I didn’t want to be like the other girls. I wanted to be better than them. But I wanted to be one of them.” &...[Read on]
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Feeling Alive
As I ran an “easy” 8 this morning around a loop at Stony Creek park, I also witnessed my teammates in their first workout of their segment prepping for the Olympic Marathon Trials in Houston, a little more than 10 weeks out from race day. I felt a lit...[Read on]
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I’m about 12 days out from the Rock n’ Roll San Jose half marathon. Training has gone pretty well, gotten some consistent mileage and workouts in, and in that span of time have been very inspired by performances on the track and roads by my fellow Han...[Read on]