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Raleigh, NC

About Lisa Creech Bledsoe:

I'm a speaker, writer, media ninja, and amateur boxer chick. I have three boys at home and I try to make it to most of my husband's rock and roll gigs.

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Basketball, Kitesurf, MMA, Roller Derby, Speed Skating, Boxing, Hike/Backpack, Jump Rope, Weightlifting, Yoga

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Lisa Creech Bledsoe: Speaker, writer, media ninja, Apple fangirl, boxer chick. Online a bunch. Otherwise in the gym.

How to Work Against the Ropes
At most boxing gyms you’ll hear coaches tell you to stay off the ropes and control the center of the ring during your rounds. And that’s sound advice. But there’s also some good things to be said about being the kind of fighter who can...[Read on]
Two Things You Want in a Sparring Partner
The transition from the floor of the gym to the boxing ring can be a bitch. When you’re new, you can barely tell a jab from a cross; the prospect of live sparring feels like being dropped into a pit with Jabba the Hutt’s Rancor (picture...[Read on]
New USA Boxing Rules for Amateur Competition
The scoring of boxing events at the 2012 London Olympics was a mess. Yes, we were thrilled to finally see the ban against women’s boxing in the Olympic Games lifted, and despite heavy inequalities between the number of men versus the number of wom...[Read on]
Before You Compete in Boxing…
Because an amateur boxer’s passbook runs from January to December, there’s a lotta “getting ready to fight” going on in boxing during the last few months of the year. You need to be in good condition and getting close to your wei...[Read on]
Signs Your Boxing Team is Coming Together
Are you hoping to get in the ring? There’s actually a way to know if the gym where you train will ever have a boxing team that you can learn and grow your game with… I train and also volunteer as a coach at a downtown boxing gym that serve...[Read on]
Putting Snap in Your Punch
Power is an open secret in boxing, and most fighters hear their coaches talking about “punching through” and “putting your body behind” a solid, powerful shot. But there is another, sneakier and equally effective method to score...[Read on]
Hiking the Blue Ridge Parkway
The Blue Ridge Parkway is 469 miles of gorgeous mountain driving and hiking that stretches from the Cherokee Indian Reservation in western North Carolina all the way up to the Shenandoah National Park and Skyline Drive in Virginia. Five years ago my hu...[Read on]
The Most Critical Boxing Rule Every Fighter Should Follow
If you ask any ten boxers what the most important rule in boxing is you’ll hear things like “wear the right protective gear,”  ”find a coach you can trust,” or “learn the straight punches.” And all of those...[Read on]
4 Ways to Improve Your Boxing Starting Today
Sometimes you get in a rut at the gym. You work your way through the same tired-ass routine and come out feeling like you’re not making any major moves forward in your game. Sometimes it just takes a simple suggestion or a new idea to get you movi...[Read on]
Women's boxing: How Many Rounds Does it Take to Shake Off Ring Rust?
I lost my most consistent sparring partner to 6 months of overseas travel this year, and while I got rounds here and there when I could, there’s nothing like sparring two days a week, every week, to keep you in boxing shape. NO amount of condition...[Read on]