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Favorite Quote: “The athlete and the artist lived in the same world and did the same thing: they both asserted the spirit in order to thrust the individual beyond time and achieve something permanent.”-A.Bartlett Giamatti

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Boxing, , Men's Football, Olympics, Summer Games, Winter Games, Cross Country, Marathon, Track & Field, Camping

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Springing Forward via @RunningRebecca & @oiselle
Rebecca Donaghue copyright 1997 There’s a lot here to catch up on. Unfortunately, in the last few months there hasn’t been too much positive going on in the way of my training and health. But, the small glimmers of positive are being held o...[Read on]
Hall of Fame Weekend
Small section of a painting I did for friend and UMass teammate in ’02 Last weekend proved that 2014 is indeed off to a great start. Artie and I spent all day Saturday coaching our athletes at the Kevin Dare Invitational at PSU. Four of my girls ...[Read on]
A Deep Breath and “Onward” via @RunningRebecca
A few days after my last post I started feeling some really sharp pain in my rib cage on the right side. I had been back running since my kidney stone removal surgery for a few days and just figured it was my kidney healing. ...[Read on]
A Fresh Start via @RunningRebecca
I am so proud to announce that I am now part of the Oiselle Elite Team, AKA, the Haute Volee team, French for high flyer. Oiselle, (pronounced wazell) is a French word for bird,  is a women’s running appa...[Read on]
Rocky Start for Rebecca Donaghue at Mt. SAC Relays
Last Friday I ran the 5,000m at the Mt. Sac Relays in CA. The race didn’t go as expected in the slightest and is one of my slowest 5ks of all time, 16:19. But, it was a really good indicator that my training  has lacked any speed work. I had ma...[Read on]
Rebecca Donaghue: Athlete to Artist
Now that the marathon is over my training has become more track oriented. One might think I have some extra time on my hands now that the distances I’m training for aren’t as long but that isn’t the c...[Read on]
Recess to Remember #NGWSD
I guess you could say that Pompositticut Elementary School was where my interest in running all began. Recess and gym class to be exact. We didn’t do laps or interval work or any specific training to one day be a professional distance runner, just c...[Read on]
Running Rebecca: Long Run at Rothrock
My long run was done on the mountain roads of Rothrock State Park. At the start of the run the temperature was in the low 30′s and I was bundled up as if it were below zero. Luckily I warmed up quickly throughout the first several rolling miles. The...[Read on]
Rebecca Donaghue finally getting back on track after dealing with Achilles tendinitis for 2 years
It’s been a long seven months since my last post so I must apologize to anyone that was following. I realize that setbacks are a major part of the journey and that people want to know about them. They are usually what makes someones story a little ...[Read on]
Good Life Q&A with Rebecca Donaghue
From centredaily.com, by Chris Rosenblum: Photo By Christopher Weddle It’s a wonder Rebecca Donaghue hasn’t run out of energy. One of the top American female runners at 35 and an Olympic hopeful, she clocks as many as 95 miles a week training. Th...[Read on]