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A day in the life a girl with big dreams as a professional cyclist for Team TIBCO and the US National team!

Amgen Tour of California Women’s Invitational Big Show
What makes it the “big show”? Photo By Jon Devich Some days it is because the result is pivotal for a later selection, and it is do or die.  Win.  Make the break.  Get the pick.  Other days it is because you feel like a...[Read on]
Chicks Dig Scars
Cycling creates scars.  It is inevitable, but life creates scars too.  Each scar carries its own story and its own message. When looking at some of my acquired scars over the last couple of years, some bring feelings of triumph, and some still ...[Read on]
Preparation for the Tour of the Gila
How do you prepare for the Tour of the Gila?  Good question.  I will let you know when I figure it out. Altitude. Winds. Heat. Snow. It’s got it all, and we have only done two stages so far. You can go up to altitude to acclimate.  ...[Read on]
Alison Starnes on Cycling: Therapy or Work?
Therapy versus Work. Cycling is social, and if you know me, you also know I have the tendency to talk quite a bit.  Sometimes a a couple of bikes and a friend is the best therapy there is. However, sometimes it isn’t about therapy.  It i...[Read on]
Pro cyclist Alison Starnes: The wind has its reasons.
The wind has its reasons.   It isn’t seen, but it is felt. Yesterday, the wind had a specific purpose as it swept down from the north, clearing out the clouds briskly and introducing a new season.  Well, hello, Spring.  Happy Sp...[Read on]
Alison Starnes on Cycling: What I have learned lately
Spending time with my sister has taught me a thing or two the last couple of weeks.  She is still the best training partner, although she does have to do two other sports after riding with me.  That just leaves me plenty of time to capture the d...[Read on]
There is a reason why I do this sport.
There is a reason why I do this sport.  There are moments and days that I question that, yet then there is that moment of clarity.  I am reunited with teammates, with friends, with passion. Today was a beginning at the Merco Cycling Classic.&nb...[Read on]
That’s a Wrap. Best. Team. Camp.
And that’s a wrap. Team Camp is complete. Swiss Miss, Me, and the Joshua Tree. Match made in heaven. Photo by Greg Erwin. Although it was a chaotic week of hard riding, challenging drills, and extensive learning, it was a resounding success.&nbs...[Read on]
Alison Starnes. Our Real World. Team Camp.
Real World. 13 girls. 1 house. Palm Springs. Bicycles. Photo of photo captured by VeloImages Although the schedule has been quite regimented at team camp, there still has been time for plenty of laughter and learning.  We have been visited by so...[Read on]
National Girls and Women in Sports Day #NGWSD
It is National Girls and Women in Sports Day.  Who would have thought? Why are sports so important for women? Sports build confidence, character, and responsibility.  Sports demonstrate to a young girl that she is strong, capable, and worthy. ...[Read on]