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Everberg, Belgium

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Professional cyclist living in Belgium. Cyclo-Cross, Mountain bike and road racing. I am also a sports/health/nutrition/fitness journalist and writer for magazines like CYCLOCROSS, Ladies Cycling, and VegNews as well as websites like Cyclingnew.com

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Cycling, Cyclocross, Mountain Bike, Fencing

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Cyclocross Season off to a stinging start...
literally, as i almost died at the opening race of the season in China. Necklace i got from the China RaceOrganization Click HERE on PelotonPost to read all about it, as well as the rest of my bizarre exciting adventures there. The article includes L...[Read on]
Cyclocross is just around the corner...
OK, well in my case it's on the other side of the WORLD as my first race is next weekend in CHINA!Ninove crit by Yves Schollaert Yes, you read that correctly.  I'm heading over to China with my good friend Ellen van Loy and Jonas is coming as o...[Read on]
Interviews, advertisements and finally...new cyclocross kit!
Finally after a long while, my hip problem was diagnosed. That meant both a relief for me but also Hasselt by Bart Knopsmany hard workouts with the therapist to get my body back in fighting shape. The last couple of weeks I've had some heavy sessions...[Read on]
Today I gutted myself...
to finish the motorpacing workout that Amy Dombroski never got to complete two days ago.   Even though I can only dream of having the talent that Amy had, I rode faster today behind that scooter than I had ever ridden.   By the end, I ...[Read on]
Cyclocross Season is FINALLY here...
and i am not feeling ready. Hate when that happens! The STEVENS bikes are finally put together and are absolutely DREAM MACHINES!! I never imagined riding a cross bike could feel like this.  It also helps that they are spruced up with 3T parts and C...[Read on]
Cycling: Onto road season - First up is Tour of Cyprus
It has been a busy February and there are now six races left on my calendar.  To read about my adventures in the events, click HERE. It will take you to my published article on CYCLOCROSS Magazine. The article is aptly called, "Bring on the cookies a...[Read on]
I was interviewed by SlowTwitch
foto by Tom PrenenIf you ever wondered what i am really like, here is a link to the article by slowtwitch.com that will enlighten you :-) . Be ready to laugh, maybe cry a very little, but mainly experience what i went through to make a life for myself in ...[Read on]
Racing, Photo Shoots, and Interviews
Rucphen by Dirk BruylantMy last two races were definitely an ice-skating experience! It is rare we race on ice in a cyclocross race but last weekend we had two ice-riddled events in a row.  Int'l CX Rucphen in Holland was held between a beautiful frozen ...[Read on]
Snow in Belgium - finally!
It has been a very trying month with my collection of injuries on top of one another, especially when they timed themselves to hit just before the Christmas season of racing here in Belgium.  With 7 races in 14 days, there was no time for returning my fi...[Read on]
Latest Article in CYCLOCROSS Magazine
Here is my last article in CYCLOCROSS Magazine. The magazine is now available in digital format - click HERE to check out a free preview!  If you are happy with what you see and want to read more, click HERE to subscribe. ...[Read on]