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My so-called FABULOUS life: Brianna Glenn

This blog is about me. My life, athletic career, friends, family, dating life, adventures, travels, musings, and anything else I feel compelled to share. My life is sometimes fabulous and sometimes not but it's mine and I wouldn't change a thing.

Brianna Glenn: Why I'm home...
It's been two weeks since the Olympic Trials and I'm happy to say that I have now resumed showering and brushing my hair when I go out in public. I kid… a little. Something I've learned about myself is that the more something can affect me, the d...[Read on]
Brianna Glenn is in Eugene
I will be spending the week in Eugene, waiting for my opportunity to earn my spot on the Olympic Team. Being here for a whole week is a great thing, but it comes with it's own set of challenges. You can feel the excitement, cut the electricity with a kn...[Read on]
Briann Glenn on Visualization: Is It Worth It?
This year I have done a lot of visualization and I have learned to embrace it as an important part of my mental training. When I first began, I had the hardest time and I felt like I could never keep my mind locked in on one thing or experience image...[Read on]
The Anatomy of a Champion
I've explained this to people time and time again, but I'm not sure they really "get" it. I am a competitor to my core. It's part of everything I do and how I face every situation. There are times I try and hide it a little bit because I'm not sure ever...[Read on]
Brianna Glenn On The Art of Being Positive
I was talking with my friend yesterday and she asked how my ankle was doing. Girl, that is so last week, I responded. My bizarrely sprained ankle has healed and is functioning fine, I told her, but I did tweak my hamstring last night in my meet. Honestly...[Read on]
Brianna Glenn on treatment options: R.I.C.E.
I am no stranger to sprained ankles. Both my ankles have experienced their fair share of sprains over the course of my life and it's to be expected when you've spent most of your time on earth running, jumping, and doing all sorts of ankle jeopardizing a...[Read on]
Brianna Glenn: Remembering the FUN
When I started out in this sport years and years ago, I chose what events I did based on one important thing. Was it fun? Fun for me does not involve pain so that cut out any events over 200 meters, and left me with the sprints and the events where you s...[Read on]
Brianna Glenn on puffy paint, sports bras, and breast cancer awareness
A couple of months ago I was approached about contributing to an important cause. MZ Emmers was gathering sports bras signed and decorated by female athletes and then auctioning them off to raise money for Breast Cancer. I thought this was a fantastic...[Read on]
Brianna Glenn: Putting all the eggs in one basket
If you asked me how I'm feeling right now I wouldn't even know where to start. I feel everything. excited. nervous. scared. hopeful. optimistic. determined. inspired. fired up. calm. crazy. and basically so far out of my comfort zone it ain't even fun...[Read on]
Brianna Glenn Says Don't Be Sorry...
There is no denying I've had a rough start to my 2012 season. I mean…I could deny it, but too many darn people know how to use the internet these days. Unfortunately this past weekend in New York was not the turnaround I had hoped for and after t...[Read on]