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I am a PhD candidate in women's studies and my area of interest is gender and sports and specifically issues of discrimination, oppression, and equity in both institutionalized and recreational sports as well as the exercise and fitness industry.

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W College Hoops, Cycling, Golf, Ice Hockey, Olympics, Paralympics, Summer Games, Winter Games, Running, WNT, NWSL, Softball, Tennis, Yoga

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A blog focused on issues of gender and sport.

Fixing advantage by fixing bodies?
If we thought the international sports community had learned something about gender and sex, biology, identity and athleticism after the debacle caused by the International Association of Athletics Federations in its process of “gender verification...[Read on]
You can literally see the inequality
Last weekish I wrote about my astonishment that there isn't a 4-women bobsled event and how this speaks to the inequality that still remains in the Olympics in spite of visible and highly touted progress (i.e., the much-belated inclusion of women's ski ju...[Read on]
Why adjectives matter: The case of women's sports
I ended yesterday's post with a line about female Olympians, who are the minority gender at the Winter Olympics, receiving a greater piece of spotlight. The caveat (in addition to the fact that it actually might not be true if one does a thorough content ...[Read on]
My former dreams are shattered
Many women's sports advocates have cheered the greater gender parity that we will see in Sochi next week. Mostly this is over the long-fought and quite visible battle female ski jumpers around the world engaged in over their inclusion in the winter games....[Read on]
Should you watch the Sochi Olympics?
Yesterday's NYT had an article about whether gay people were planning on "boycotting" the Sochi Olympics by not watching the games when they begin next week. Some of those interviewed, who noted that they were indeed fans of the Olympics, said they didn't...[Read on]
Caitlin Cahow is part of the US delegation to Sochi
I just thought I would put that out there. Many of the articles I have read and radio reports I have heard about this "protest delegation" state that President Obama is choosing to send openly out athletes including Billie Jean King and Brian Boitano. Cah...[Read on]
List fail
'Tis the season for year in review lists.Outsports compiled its own "gay sports year in review." Year-end reviews can sometimes be cursory. But I was initially impressed by the lesser known and/or remembered stories writer Jim Buzinski mentioned in t...[Read on]
The sports world says uh-oh (What to do about Russia)
Sh*t's getting real in Russia.Every day I see a new set of news articles, blog posts, and various other forms of commentary and updates about how Russia's anti-gay propaganda laws will affect the upcoming Olympic Games.As I wrote about already, the IOC is...[Read on]
Let's talk about Russia
The writing has been on the wall for a long time now in terms of the geopolitical direction Russia is headed in. I mean, they were not exactly a model of cooperation at the most recent G8 when it came to Syria. But what is on everyone's radar screen right...[Read on]
It's just not a major sporting event until...a male commentator makes a sexist remark
...a male commentator makes a sexist remark.Someone needs to start a blog or Tumblr or something entitled "Commentators Say the Darnedest Things"--and by darnedest I meant racist, homophobic, sexist. Last winter the BCS Championship was marred by a one-si...[Read on]