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Seeking equality on -- and off -- the field. The strong connection between organized athletics and power (political, economic, social) means sports have consequences far beyond the game. FairGameNews.com aims to challenge sex-stereotyped assumptions and practices that dominate sports -- and recognize that sports can be a tool for seeking equal treatment and fair play.

It IS March Madness: Still a Shadow Championship
By Laura Pappano Get ready: For the next few weeks college basketball will be everywhere you turn. Unfortunately, few of the games that will be playing non-stop on screens will feature women’s teams. Yes, women are playing — just not where y...[Read on]
If co-ed youth sport is a Pandora’s Box, then Game On
    By Laura Pappano Much of the modern life has evolved — and at breakneck pace — but too many adults in positions of power continue to enforce a maddeningly old-fashioned mindset when it comes to young female athletes and co-e...[Read on]
Amnesia Bowl: FSU and Winston Catch a Pass, Send Troubling Message on Campus Sexual Violence
By Megan Wood  Bowl season is underway and, with it, a surfeit of TV football coverage leading up to the BCS Championship game on Jan. 6 between #1 ranked Florida State and #2 Auburn.  In it’s giddiness over the nation’s #1 ranking...[Read on]
Prize money problem in squash: Women’s purses still petite
Tennis may have long ago recognized that unequal prize money sends a troubling message (and is just wrong), but that other racquet sport — squash — persists in offering different purses based on sex. Check out this new post from Squa...[Read on]
Thai women grab volleyball title; find focus on their looks
By Mariah Philips The elation of a surprise victory is universal – and infectious. The emotion is so powerful that it doesn’t matter where in the world you are, what team it is – or the sex of the players. Everyone loves a come-from-b...[Read on]
Battle of the Sexes Puzzler: Throw the match to pay a debt? If Riggs had won, he would have gotten $100K in prize money
By Laura Pappano Exactly 40 years ago, over 30,000 spectators filled the Houston Astrodome and 50 million more tuned in on TV to watch “The Battle of the Sexes.” Billie Jean King, a 29-year-old who would be #1 in the world for five years (wi...[Read on]
Start of football, soccer = Concussion Season
By Katie Culver For many, the start of football and soccer season evokes the excitement of uniforms, new teammates, practices, and games. But doctors and parents endure another sort of anticipation: The arrival of Concussion Season. Concussions happen i...[Read on]
New grad says “Lean In” lessons come with playing ball
By Ashleigh Sargent Of course we’re all talking about Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead. There’s the public conversation about the gender gap in leadership in the U.S. (and controversy about some messages...[Read on]
Mortarboard moment: Sharing advice I got from Gail Marquis, Olympic superstar and Wall Street success
By Ashleigh Sargent Gail Marquis is a powerful woman in sports, business, and volunteer foundation work.  She won a silver medal as a part of the 1976 U.S. Women’s Basketball Olympic Team and played basketball professionally in Europe, before ...[Read on]
Good surprise: Final Four basketball not just for top seeds anymore
        By Ashleigh Sargent and Mariah Philips What does it mean for a #5 seed team like Louisville to be in the Final Four? That favorite Baylor was out early? Women’s college basketball fans seldom get to watch a re...[Read on]