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Welcome to Just Kite It, a content publisher and social community focused on kite education, travel, connecting fellow kiters and the kiteboarding lifestyle. Founded by kiteboarding addikts, with backgrounds in media, digital branding, social media, finance management and startups. Just Kite It aims to bring its community a fresh and engaging look on the world of kiteboarding editorial and lifestyle, while harnessing the power of social connectivity. Just Kite It is your source for kite education, sweet spot locations around the world, inspiring pro-athletic and community profile kiteboarder stories, networking events and off-topic features that will offer insight and make you laugh at the same time.

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Kitesurf, Wakeboard, Mountain Bike, Horse Racing, Off-Road Racing, Snowboard, Dance, Hike/Backpack, Outdoors/Adventure, Sailing, Yoga

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Just Kite It

A content publisher and social community focused on kite education, sports tourism and connecting like-minded professionals of the sport. Founded by two kiteboarding addikts, with backgrounds in media, digital branding, social media, finance management and startups, Just Kite It aims to provide a place for sharing information and knowledge kite education, kite sports around the world and connecting likeminded professionals of the sport.

Introducing, Kitesocial – beyond the blog.
When you’re on to something good, it is never a bed of roses. I started Just Kite It with Craig, a friend (fellow kiter from England), over a year ago with grand plans. We have the 102 + page wireframes to prove it and the many entries on the now defunc...[Read on]
Tech Tools For Kiters
by Jessica Valenzuela Hello kiters! I’ve not forgotten you. As many of you have friend~ed me and are in my personal Facebook network you may have noticed that I’ve been busy with a number of techie stuff specially when the Fall season hit. There ar...[Read on]
Kristin Boese’s KB4 Girls New York Now Dream Extreme? FTW?
by Jessica Valenzuela Some peeps would probably simply shrug and say, “so the event changed roll with it.” And for the most part I can live with change. How information is shared about change is crucial. This is where the organizers of the KB4 Girl...[Read on]
Linn Svendsen, Ocean Rodeo’s Kite Babe
by Jessica Valenzuela Linn Svendsen Ocean Rodeo Pro-rider, photo by Jeremie Tronet I’ve been meaning to get an interview with pro-kiteboarder Linn Svendsen months ago specially since we featured her other half pro-kiteboarder, Jeremie Tronet a fe...[Read on]
Kiters support a movement: Kiteboarding 4 Cancer 2010
by Kim Soderholm It was July 10, 2010 my alarm raged at 6.30 a.m. I got up – stoked! I patiently waited for this event to arrive. I knew it would be unforgettable. It is my first year to volunteer. Volunteer For A Cure I volunteered and was assigne...[Read on]
Sir Richard Branson to kitesurf English Channel on his 60th birthday!
< p> United Kingdom, July 15 – Sir Richard Branson announced about 2 hours ago that is is to mark his 60th birthday by kitesurfing the English Channel. The Virgin boss will be accompanied by his children, Holly, 29, and Sam, 26, and some of his n...[Read on]
Kiteboarding Crissy and The Golden Gate Bridge
by Jessica Valenzuela As I held on to the 7m Cabrinha Convert under the Golden Gate Bridge with giant wave rollers, ferries, ships and yachts around, the blast of the fog horn consistently drowning any audible sound I make, the fog close behind and San...[Read on]
Wind and water sparks a movement: Kiteboarding 4 Cancer
by: Jessica Valenzuela Jaz De Lille, instructor and athlete Kiteboarding 4 Cancer, photo courtesy of Jimmy Stringfellow Personal experience can move mountains. This is my personal belief. A decision based on the will to live, the tenacity to succee...[Read on]
Celebrating My First Year As A Kiteboarder
by Jessica Valenzuela Jessica Valenzuela, Founder of Mavin Digital and Author for Just Kite It putzing with a 3m kite, Hood River, Oregon Do you remember the first time you saw a kiter and said “oh, way cool. I want to try that!” Do you remember...[Read on]