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Buffalo, NY

About Amy Moritz:

I'm a sportswriter who moved from observing on the sidelines to participating in triathlon and distance running.

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Byline to Finish Line

A chronicle of a sports reporter who ditched the sideline to discover her own power and strength by taking up endurance sports in her 30's.

The weight game
The Americans were blowing out the competition. Again. That’s what often happens in international women’s hockey. As much I love the U.S.-Canada rivalry, I also love the sport and part of me wonders if it wouldn’t be worthwhile to, say l...[Read on]
Home is where the skating rink is
Here is how I knew my legs were still attached to my body when I got out of bed Sunday morning — they hurt like hell. I worked hard the day before on the Lockport Y-10 course. It wasn’t just about how hard I worked, but the challenge of the h...[Read on]
This cycling battle is about so much more than a race
On Sunday I was minding my own business, curled up on my couch flipping back and forth between the blowout that was the Super Bowl and a Law & Order: SVU marathon (the later of which was far more entertaining) when I picked up a second screen and star...[Read on]
Finding the beauty in a sub-freezing run
I ran down the street and passed two men bundled up at the edge of their driveway, preparing to go to work. “Are you crazy?” the one asked with a broad smile on his face. “Maybe a little,” I replied. The road turned and I ran pa...[Read on]
Her Royal Highness of Self Deprecation via Byline to Finish Line
Little known fact: One of my official titles is “Her Royal Highness of Self Deprecation.” OK, it’s not an official title, but few people in my close circle would argue with it being awarded to me. If you could make money by putting your...[Read on]
The joy and quirkiness of a team legacy
In the team huddle before the game, we went over the strategy and reviewed the scouting report. Then Marti looked at us and asked, “Wait, what basket are we shooting at?” I clutched my belly in laughter. And not for the last time that day. S...[Read on]
Four miles in four degrees
The conversation in my head went something like this: It’s really cold outside. What are you going to gain? Just hop on the bike for 90 minutes instead. It’s set up right in your living room. But there’s no real wind this morning. And ...[Read on]
Body image confessions via Byline to Finishline
Somehow I missed the Lululemon controversy which erupted earlier this month. But here’s the skinny: The company’s founder, Chip Wilson, was discussing his product in an interview. Specifically he was addressing complaints that Lululemon&r...[Read on]
Reservoirs of strength via Byline to Finish Line
Trust that still, small voice that says, “This might work and I’ll try it.”  The hill was long and the steep part was yet to come. I knew this in my bones. I’ve run this course at least 100 times. In all kinds of weather. In ...[Read on]
Race Report: Detroit International Half Marathon
I don’t remember how the topic of distance running came up, but suddenly I was sitting in Alaska with a bunch of women I had just met talking about half marathons. And before I knew it, I was on my smart phone, checking the registration situation fo...[Read on]