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Buffalo, NY

About Amy Moritz:

I'm a sportswriter who moved from observing on the sidelines to participating in triathlon and distance running.

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Byline to Finish Line

A chronicle of a sports reporter who ditched the sideline to discover her own power and strength by taking up endurance sports in her 30's.

Byline to Finish Line: Women race bicycles and other crazy dreams
My first interaction with real cycling came in 2005 when I joined a Women’s Quest tour in Colorado. It was there where triathlon first caught my attention and also where I learned that mountain biking was not for me. But road cycling caught my atten...[Read on]
Byline to Finish Line: True tales from the Erie Canal Trail
It was a difficult decision. Since starting triathlon seven years ago I had never missed a Mussleman weekend. Some years it was the sprint. Other years it was the 70.3. One year it was both because I decided I needed to do really freaking hard stuff ...[Read on]
“Isn’t that nice” and other backhanded compliments
When I started thinking about doing my first triathlon there were a million little ah-ha moments. I suddenly found myself surrounded by people who did triathlons. I found opportunities every where. There’s a saying that universe first gives a w...[Read on]
The lessons of Mount Marcy @amymoritz
My steps had been measured. The trail had turned to bare rocks, mostly smooth and steep, while the wind seemed determined to blow me back. I was careful to plant my boot firmly and completely on the rock, to walk any cracks I could find and traverse ...[Read on]
Sometimes the results don’t make sense via @amymoritz
It was a mild spring morning which meant one thing — fog. Lots and lots of fog. So as I sipped my coffee I mulled over my running route. People would be rushing to work and school. The wind wasn’t really a factor. So I decided on an out-and-ba...[Read on]
What I think about when I run #bringbackourgirls
Hopefully by now, you’ve heard the news, that around 300 girls in Nigeria were abducted from their boarding school. The group responsible is opposed to all forms of Western education, and finds a particular distaste for educating girls. The Nigerian...[Read on]
The qualities cultivated in granny gear
The forecast called for wind. Lots of wind. The kind which the Weather Channel describes as “gusty.” It was going to be coming out of the West South West so there was really very little chance of avoiding the wind. Still, I was ridiculously e...[Read on]
Why Carolyn’s House matters via @amymoritz
Every woman should have the opportunity to determine her own path in life. Self-sufficiency is the goal — to be able to provide for yourself, stand in your confidence and author your own life story. But none of us becomes self-sufficient in a v...[Read on]
The healing power of running via @amymoritz
I had been expecting the phone call. Knowledge is power but it doesn’t necessarily take away the sting of loss. My Aunt Mary was sick and 89 and she passed away on a Saturday morning. My mother called, followed up by text messages from my brother. ...[Read on]
Racing for Carolyn’s House via @amymoritz
When I started my journey in endurance sports, tackling triathlon and distance running was a way to be physically fit and, as a byproduct, help my emotional well-being. But as I progressed through the months of training, I went a journey which f...[Read on]