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My Mother Almost Named Me September
BECAUSE IT IS THE BEST SPORTS MONTH. EVER. HANDS. DOWN. Tonight I am flipping between the US Open and baseball, while drafting my fantasy league. PIG. IN. SHIT. That's all. No long blog. Just happy. If you want more from me or Chris waxing poetic about...[Read on]
The Bowl According to Shelly
Please welcome guest blogger and GoGameFace newcomer SHELLY MARIE JOHNSON (not her real middle name), and savor her Top 10 Observations about the game and all of the spectacular-spectacular that was this year's Super Bowl (2013). Drum. Roll. Please.&nb...[Read on]
Saved! Mark Herzlich restores my faith in sports!
I'm at a bit of a crossroads. Normally, I am the first to wear my sports-loving heart on my sleeve: I can always talk about last night's game around the water-cooler. I am in several fantasy leagues. I wrote a book about my love of sports a couple years...[Read on]
More on our Favorite Topic: NO PINK JERSEYS!
NEW ORLEANS SAINTS BOUTIQUE, COMING TO MAGAZINE STREET By Susan Langenhennig, The Times-Picayune Illustration by KENNETH HARRISON/The Times-Picayune   Only about a decade ago, the prevailing philosophy for designing football fan apparel for ...[Read on]
GameOn Podcast: Ellen Morey & More
So much to cover this week: The ladies face off in fantasy baseball (advantage Melissa!) ... Then it's more Tigermania ... A discussion of McNabb heading to the Redskins (along with Fast Willie Parker) ... Grandpa Brett Favre ... and the latest on Erin...[Read on]
GameOn Podcast: Sarah Fisher & Patrick Pho, the Sequel
The ladies of GameOn continue to be star-struck this week, as they recap the Oscars, Fantasy Football-style, with regular contributor Patrick Pho. We talk about the top three headline stories from this year's Oscars, and ponder his next obsession: Fan...[Read on]
GameOn Podcast: Erin Hamlin from Vancouver, plus lots more!
On a special Fun Friday episode of the show, the ladies of GameOn talk to Luger Erin Hamlin from Vancouver and hear about the challenges faced by all Lugers during the Vancouver Games. We also discuss major Olympic drama: Plushenko's Platinum Medal, Sco...[Read on]
GameOn Podcast: Michelle Gorgone & more!
The ladies recap all of the weekend's hot Olympic stories, chat with Olympian Michelle Gorgone about her upcoming snowboarding giant slalom competition, and provide a highly anticipated Tigermania update! Links from today's show: Click here for more d...[Read on]
GameOn Podcast: "Speedy" Peterson & Katie Uhlaender
As you know, the ladies love their Olympics. Erica & Melissa discuss Opening Ceremonies, plus the first exciting weekend of Vancouver, from Moguls to Nordic Combine. Plus, Danica's NASCAR debut and thoughts on the SI Swimsuit edition. Plus, it's Melissa...[Read on]
Why can't women be athletic and sexy, too?
                  I'm sorry. But I have to do it. I have to speak out on behalf of those of us who aren't really bothered by the recent Sports Illustrated sagas. First, there was that post that crashed the Women Talk Sports site. You rem...[Read on]