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A hard-hitting, fast skating Dixie Derby Girl from Huntsville, AL bringing you real stories from the pack of ROLLER DERBY's re

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Skate Wars Return: The Fempire Strikes Back!
Well, I'm slacking again on updates, FOR SHAME!This bout was our annual Skate Wars saga bout, with this year's episode being The Fempire Strikes Back! The inner geek in me loves this bout... we get the added excitement of the Storm Troopers and Darth Vad...[Read on]
Not Even a Tornado can break derby bond and spirits.
I'm sure plenty are aware of the situation in Northern Alabama as a result of the marathon of storms to hit this region on 4/27/11.But there is positive news to come out of the tragedy, and this is OUR story as team and the kindness and outpouring of love...[Read on]
Roller derby player Lmbr Timber Onu faces long recovery from severe domestic violence attack
There are no words to describe how angry this makes me that someone could do this.Meet Lori, aka Lmbr Timber Onu of Emerald Coast Roller Derby, was victim of a severe domestic violence attack on April 23, 2011. Lori is having surgery to repair broken...[Read on]
Its Dodgeball time!
"If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball!"I should be good at both! This weekend is the 6th Annual Dixie Derby Down n Dirty Dodgeball Tournament. It's my 3rd year at the event, and its always a great way to start spring for a fun day in the su...[Read on]
eRacer X gets her MOJO back
And just as suddenly as it disappeared--- POOF! eRacer X got her MOJO back!I had a lot of great advice about my recent mental beat-down, lots of encouragement from my team, and one statement that really drove it all home. "You need an instigator--a sh...[Read on]
On the plus side
Well, I may be sucking as a jammer, can't hit a 2 lb baby out of bounds, and can't even get my stance straight, but on the PLUS side.... my clothes are way too big again!At least I'll look good trying. ...[Read on]
e-racer's mental beat-down
I've reached a roadblock... albeit probably mental, but successful in stopping me in my tracks and chipping away at my confidence.Taking a break from derby September-February was the best and worst thing I've ever done. I needed the break. I was wore o...[Read on]
Zuca ZOOM bag a great derby present
Ever since they started popping up at derby practice and bouts everywhere, I've had a severe case of Zuca bag envy.Well, I officially have my own Zuca bag of awesomeness, and how much more eRacer X-ish can this bag get?!?It's appropriately named the Zuca ...[Read on]
Back on skates with a vengence
So I nudged my way back a little early. I just couldn't wait to get back any longer. I stepped back in the middle of bootcamp last Wednesday, and have been trying to get my skate feet under me since. The new skates are heaven. Literally. They fee...[Read on]
Broken Hearted Skate-a-thon 2011 Edition
Well, its that time of year again, folks.The 4th Annual Broken Hearted Skate-a-thon is coming up again! This is the fund raiser we do every year to benefit the American Heart Association where we ask for donations per lap we skate during the 2 hour ska...[Read on]