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A former collegiate coach and current athlete turned academic, I teach sport psychology and sociology of the U.of Minnesota.

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W College Hoops, WNBA, NWSL, Tennis, Snowboard, Jump Rope, Yoga

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Dr. Nicole M. LaVoi: This blog reflects my critical eye and voice on all things sport. I am a critical thinker, scholar, and researcher in girls & women in sport, youth sport, and coach & sport parent education.

Basketball & Brackets Matter: A Perfect Women’s Bracket
The 2014 March Madness NCAA D-I basketball brackets for the men and women are now set. Teams are anxiously awaiting play. I love March Madness, but I am awaiting something different….word from Warren Buffet. I have tweeted Mr. Buffet (@WarrenBuffet...[Read on]
The Decline of Female Head Coaches in Women’s Athletics
Hear my radio interview with Jim Dubois of Access Minnesota, as we discuss issues related to the Report Card on College Women Coaches, women in coaching, coaching career pathways, and a host of other issues related to women in the coaching profession. To...[Read on]
RELEASED: New Reports on Women College Coaches
Did you know that in the 40+ years after the passage of Title IX, female sport participation is at an all-time high but the percentage of women coaching women at the collegiate level has declined from 90+% in 1974 to near an all-time low today of 40%? Whi...[Read on]
Help “Prove” Interest in Women’s Sport! #heresproof
[disclaimer] I’m writing this blog as my role as Associate Director of the Tucker Center for Research on Girls & Women in Sport at the University of Minnesota …and because the topic of media portrayals of female athletes and the lack of...[Read on]
Not All Fun & Games: Changing the Youth Sports Environment
All kids have the right to a positive youth sport experience. I was asked to write a blog about changing the youth sport environment based on the research and educational programs I do for coaches and youth sport parents. To read that blog titled &ldq...[Read on]
Female Coaches in High School Sports: Data Released
You don’t need to look far or drill down very deep in a Google Search on ‘female coaches’ to find out two facts. 1. Female coaches at all competitive levels have declined since Title IX passed in 1972 2. Female coaches are the minority...[Read on]
Bobby Knight’s Validation is not Needed or Wanted for Women’s Sport
This weekend I enjoyed watching many Regional games for the NCAA Women’s College World Series (WCWS) on ESPN and BTN. I love watching the array of talented female athletes getting prime time TV coverage, as it so rarely happens! Sport media coverage...[Read on]
Supports for Female Coaches II: Stay in the Game Early
Read my monthly blog post “Supports for Female Coaches II: Stay in the Game Early” for the Women in Coaching blog by clicking here. If you missed “Supports for Female Coaches Part I” click here. Female coaches–if you haven&...[Read on]
3 Simple Ways to Support Women’s Sport
With many exciting developments recently in women’s sport such as the start of the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL), an extended and expanded WNBA & ESPN TV deal, the WNBA draft airing for the first time in prime time, an announcement...[Read on]
Statues of Female Leaders?
  Over the weekend while perusing news, I saw two images of giant statues of male leaders. The first was of the late former North Korean leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il (L). The second picture was a statue of late Pope John Paul II (R)– bi...[Read on]