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An interdisciplinary resource for news, legal developments, commentary, and scholarship about Title IX, the federal statute prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sex in federally funded schools.

High School Basketball Hazing Case May Go to Trial
Last year we posted about a lawsuit filed in federal court in Tennessee, in which the plaintiffs -- three high-school aged sisters and their parents -- sued the Rutherford County Board of Education after being hazed in a sexual manner upon joining the gir...[Read on]
Oklahoma colleges handling misbehaving student athletes
Not all of these cases are Title IX specific, but given the cover-ups and repeat offenses that happen when colleges look the other way (see the last incident below) or lightly punish student athletes who commit assault, I felt this update is relevant. Th...[Read on]
NCAA Reform and Title IX
Last week a federal district court judge ruled in favor of the former college athletes, lead by Ed O'Bannon, who were challenging NCAA rules that prevented them from sharing in the proceeds that their colleges and universities earned by licensing their na...[Read on]
Title IX: Who will investigate Air Force Academy next?
The Air Force Academy announced it was launching an investigation into its athletic department after the local paper, the Colorado Springs Gazette, did its own investigation into the department. The latter revealed sexual assault by athletes, use of date ...[Read on]
Understanding the Religious Exemptions from Title IX
We've blogged recently about a handful of religious schools -- namely George Fox, Simpson, and Spring Arbor universities -- that have been granted an exemption from complying with Title IX's application to transgender students.  This post is intended...[Read on]
UTexas learning from others' mistakes?
Two University of Texas football players were arrested this week on various charges related to a June assault of a female student in the UT dorms. The woman reported the assault immediately.Police found text messages between the two men who were trying t...[Read on]
FSU finally addressing sexual assault
In April, I wrote aboutl the expose into the police handling of the investigation into allegations of sexual assault against quarterback Jameis Winston. In that post, I noted the lack of effort on the part of the university to address the issues, seek acc...[Read on]
UConn settles lawsuit
Late last week the University of Connecticut announced it had settled the lawsuit brought by five current and former female students. The women were accusing the university of mishandling their respective sexual assault cases. The $1.3 million settlement ...[Read on]
George Fox updates transgender policy
After being granted a religious exemption that allows the university to not house transgender students based on their gender identity, the school has updated its policy as it relates to this issue. As Erin noted the other day, the exemption itself is a li...[Read on]
George Fox University's Religious Exemptions From Title IX Compliance
George Fox University is a Christian institution in Oregon that was founded on Quaker principles.  In April, it denied a transgender student named Jayce M. the right to live in on-campus housing consistent with his male gender identity, offering him...[Read on]