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We are FEMALE athletes
posted on November 12, 2009 at 5:49pm

  First of all, let me say that I have tremendous respect for Jayda Evans and her journalistic work in covering women's basketball. I've known her since my first year in the WNBA (maybe longer), and she's always wearing a bright smile and pleasant dem...more

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"Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars." - Kahlil GibranI fill various roles in my daily life: Retired WNBA player, daughter, college basketball coach, big sister, mentor, author, Twitter addi...[Read on]
Vanderbilt to retire Chantelle Anderson’s jersey
Hey y'all! Wanted to let you know about something I have coming up that I'm super excited about. Here's the press release for it. I'll blog about the whole event afterwards. Miss chatting with everyone! Talk to you soon! Chantelle :o) FOR IMMEDIATE REL...[Read on]
Feminine Athlete Means Homophobic Now?
Dear anyone who has a problem with female athletes (and those associated with them) celebrating, and even flaunting, their femininity, I don’t understand why you are often so quick to accuse those who celebrate the feminine female athlete of being ...[Read on]
My Trip to Morocco!
Hey everyone! As many of you know, I'm in Morocco for two weeks, enjoying my first trip to Africa! During my time here I'll be in four different cities all over Morocco to put on basketball camps for girls and teach them leadership skills. I'm loving it...[Read on]
Chantelle Anderson: The Next Oprah
Hey everyone! Between speaking for schools and organizations, putting together a basketball camp, and developing a mentoring program for young women, I've been pretty busy lately. And now I can add one more goal to my list: GET A CALL FROM OPRAH. ...[Read on]
Ten Hottest Men in the NBA Playoffs
Hey y’all. As promised, here are my 10 hottest guys in the playoffs. This list has nothing to do with game performance but rather, how much fun I have looking at them. Yes, we women talk about the guys just like they talk about us, so welcome to the d...[Read on]
My view of me is all that matters
A few months ago, I had a friend—well someone who I’d considered a relatively good friend since college—tell me the only reason I was successful in basketball was because of my coach, Jim Foster, and that I would never amount to anything without ...[Read on]
Chantelle Says: Chill Out on John Mayer's comments
Ok so John Mayer’s recent interview with Playboy sent the internet into an uproar yesterday. If you haven’t read it, I suggest you do so. He commented on basically everything, including his love for masturbation, explicit descriptions of sex with fa...[Read on]
My Super Bowl Week
Hey everyone! I just got back from spending a week in Miami for all of the Super Bowl festivities. A friend told me before hand that the Super Bowl events were better than those at NBA All-Star, but with basketball being my favorite sport, I was a little ...[Read on]