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Game On!Sports Girl Talk is designed to become a trusted resource for parents relating to a broad range of information on sports and fitness for girls ranging in age from 4 to 14. Discussion will focus on topics and issues covering general sports, specific sports, fitness, nutrition, medicine, injury prevention, stress, peer groups, and more. We hope to help our readers to stay informed, feel educated, and maybe even derive some comfort from the information and discussion.

Game On! Campers Making Sports News: Congrats to Lexi S
Congrats to Lexi S for completing her first 5K on July 26, 2014, running in the Big 10 race. According to her proud parents, she ran in the spirit of her Game On! team Wisconsin, which by the way also happens to be her dad’s alma mate...[Read on]
National Women’s Health & Fitness Day – Showing Your Support
On Wednesday, September 25th, women (and girls) have cause to make a statement by engaging in physical activity. Sure, every day we all have an abundance of health-related reasons to balance our days with some physical activity.  But National Women...[Read on]
Game On! Sports Girl Talk: Interviews the Sunset Ridge Girls B-ball Team
Sunset Ridge’s Varsity Girls Basketball Team By Barb, Sara and Heather Interesting is an understatement; educational and fun for sure.  We can think of so many positive ways to describe our interview session last week with the Sunset Ridge ...[Read on]
To Play Up or Not to Play Up – That is the Question
Starting at rather tender young ages and continuing on through high school, girls are sometimes given the choice of playing with the older team, also known as “a level up.” Whether asked because of size, potential, true abilities, or the less ...[Read on]
Congrats! to Game On! Campers Bailey and Macallister
Bailey and Macallister, 6th graders at Sunset Ridge School, helped their school basketball team reach the conference finals this season. Two of the four 6th graders to make the team of 6th, 7th and 8th graders, Bailey and Mac contributed to making school ...[Read on]
Teaching Girls to Play Tough Against Friends
One of the advantages of youth sports is playing on and bonding with teams throughout the years. Taking this benefit even a step further, kids tend to play against the same local or regional teams from year to year. Your kids start recognizing the same fa...[Read on]
“Girly” Girls Can Be Athletes Too
I was at a 2012 holiday party when I heard a young father claim with certainty “my 2-year-old daughter is too much of a Girly Girl to ever play sports.” I have to admit that I was taken aback by the comment for a few different reasons.  ...[Read on]
Removing the Negative Out of “Throwing Like A Girl”
By: The Game On! Sports Camps 4 Girls Staff An article in the Chicago Tribune recently caught our attention. “Throwing like a girl comes naturally for women” highlights the large gap between girls and boys in regards to their throwing ab...[Read on]
Showing Courage – Our Young Female Athletes Still Face Challenges
  Parents of a Game On! camper contacted me a few days ago with this story:   Our daughter (a freshman in high school) is interested in learning the sport of wrestling and competing with the school wrestling team. She has therefore attended t...[Read on]
How Early Exposure to the Wide World of Sports Opened the Door to my Rowing Career
By Julia Darnton, Assistant Director of Operations, Game On! Sports Camps 4 Girls   It wasn’t until I was 5-years-old that I realized that not everyone’s parents were competitive cross-country skiers. In my family, it was normal for my ...[Read on]