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(From www.swishappeal.com) Quentin McCall currently writes for SwishAppeal.com and started the Rethinking Basketball blog in 2008 as a public journal of his thoughts about the WNBA from a NBA fan’s perspective. Based in Seattle, he has followed the Storm most closely during the 2009 season, but follows as many games as time and WNBA LiveAccess permit. As part of his own efforts to learn the game, "Q." has used a combination of advanced statistics and observation to better understand the game and provide rich analyses of the sport he loves. His enjoyment of the WNBA has led to an interest in NCAA women’s basketball and at the conclusion of the WNBA season, he will begin covering Seattle-area NCAA basketball as well.

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Basketball, NBA, W College Hoops, WNBA, Men's Football, Soccer

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"The Spiritual Significance of Pride"
posted on June 27, 2010 at 1:51pm

While people often see spirituality and the LGBT pride as antithetical to one another, Rev. Patrick S. Cheng describes the spirtitual significance of Pride Month....more

Pappano on Title IX: “It’s been slow progress and we certainly are not there yet.”
posted on December 26, 2009 at 5:44pm

  The institutionalization of any movement’s ideals – whether that be educational ideals at the local level or political ideals at the national level – is often a double-edged sword: although it may represent a “victory&rdq...more

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In keeping with SB Nation’s innovative use of social media in reshaping sports journalism, our vision is a women's basketball site that goes beyond merely providing game reports; instead, we want to capture the narratives that fuel our passion for the game, while maintaining the critical stance that helps us understand the game better.

UConn opens new basketball practice facility, holds First Night
There are many "Midnight Madness" showcases and the like. But only one school can hold such an opportunity for the defending national champions. Around the college basketball world, many schools are holding their open houses where the men's and women's...[Read on]
Eurobits: Meesseman, Montgomery off to Russia
With the women's league in Russia underway and with two weeks to the start of Turkish league play, there's still time for players to sign with teams. PolandRound 2 of Polish games is complete, with eurobasket.com giving Jhasmin Player their Polish Leag...[Read on]
Bill Laimbeer let go by New York Liberty
New York Liberty head coach Bill Laimbeer's contract was not renewed by the organization, according to the New York Liberty website. According to the New York Liberty website, New  York Liberty head coach Bill Laimbeer's contract has not been rene...[Read on]
When will we see an NBA game where women coach both teams and see an all-female officiating crew?
Women have made a number of notable strides this past summer in the NBA as coaches and officials. With that in mind, how far away are we from seeing games when we will see NBA games that are fully coached and officiated by women? In the NBA, we have se...[Read on]
Daisha Simmons, Brittany Jack call for more compassion in NCAA's treatment of student-athletes
Reflecting on the recently-resolved controversy, former Alabama teammates Daisha Simmons and Brittany Jack call for NCAA student-athletes to "be treated with more respect, consideration, and dignity". As Daisha Simmons fought valiantly for the ability ...[Read on]
The sad story of Daisha Simmons' fight to transfer from Alabama to Seton Hall
As reported by multiple outlets during the NCAA offseason, Alabama has taken a hard-line stance in blocking senior Daisha Simmons from transferring to Seton Hall for family reasons. ESPN college basketball analyst Jay Bilas said in an interview with Swi...[Read on]
Would any of the Euroleague's best women's basketball coaches come to the WNBA?
The United States plays the best women's basketball in the world, but that doesn't mean that talent exists outside the national borders. Great players from other countries have come to the WNBA, but what about foreign coaches? We look at some coaches ...[Read on]
Skylar Diggins begins her offseason training regimen in style
#NoDaysOff!!! You would think that if the Tulsa Shock would have one player on the USA Basketball women's national team, it would be franchise guard Skylar Diggins. While one Shock player did make the 2014 FIBA World Championship team, it was Odyssey S...[Read on]
FIBA World Championships 2014: Team USA has offensive advantages and defensive concerns in group play
The USA Basketball women's national team is almost one with group play in the FIBA World Championship for Women. What are the statistical trends that we have seen so far? The USA Basketball women's national team has so far played two games in group pla...[Read on]
2014 FIBA World Championships for Women, Day 2: Team USA faces Serbia
After an uneven performance against China yesterday, Team USA will attempt to put together a more complete game against Serbia. The biggest news of yesterday was Turkey beating the French team that had previously beaten Team USA in an exhibition game. ...[Read on]