Dr. Rick McGuire (Dr. Rick McGuire)

Columbia, Missouri

About Dr. Rick McGuire:

Dr. McGuire is the Head Track and Field Coach at the University of Missouri and is the President of the NCAA Division 1 Coaches of USTFCCCA. He is also the Chairman of Sport Psychology for USA Track and Field, and leads a group of 30 of the top Sport Psychology professionals in the U.S., dedicated to providing education and service to our Track and Field Coaches and Athletes. They will provide an applied sport psychology article in each succeeding publication of Techniques. If you wish further information, ideas or assistance, you can find contact information for their group on the USTFCCCA website.

Dr. Rick McGuire's Posts:

Dr. Rick McGuire on Thinking Right in Sport
posted on September 11, 2009 at 12:58pm

This really is what it is all about - "Thinking Right" in Sport!  We all understand that "thinking wrong" can and does hurt our sport performance.  In fact, thinking wrong thoughts - whether that means negative thoughts, distractive thoughts, in...more

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