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Two 100 lb Dumbbells, One Woman
If this doesn't put to rest the canard that women can't be strong, like really strong, then nothing will. Former basketball standout Nikki Rouillard in an impressive display of strength: ...[Read on]
Natalie Coughlin photo shoot: Natalie as Esther Williams
Who better to channel Esther Williams than Natalie Coughlin? The connection is so obvious: two fantastically gifted athletes in the same sport, and camera friendly as she is, we should expect that someday Natalie will have a movie career to match Esther's...[Read on]
CLAW: Collective of Lady Arm Wrestlers raise money for women-initiated causes
Theater, arm wrestling, philanthropy—three things that don't often come to mind together. But in toto they do describe CLAW (Charlottesville Lady Arm Wrestlers, or more generally, Collective of Lady Arm Wrestlers), as seen in the group's About page: A...[Read on]
[Video] Female Athletes Tribute
This ably crafted tribute to female athletes was created by VashtisVoice. You might find it inspiring. I did—the music notwithstanding: ...[Read on]
First look at NBC's Wonder Woman (prepare yourself)
It's not as though in popular culture girls and women have symbols of strength to spare. Perhaps if they did what David E. Kelley and NBC are doing to Wonder Woman wouldn't be quite as hurtful. The new Wonder Woman costume, as it will be worn by the actre...[Read on]
A muscular history for women
March is Women's History Month. Right in line, literally and figuratively, with this year's theme ("Our History is Our Strength") is David Chapman and Patricia Vertinsky's new book, Venus with Biceps: A Pictorial History of Muscular Women. I can't review...[Read on]
Angela Mao: "the world's first major female action film star"
I couldn't resist sharing this wonderfully done tribute to Angela Mao. A star in many 1970s martial arts films, Mao is sometimes regarded as the first world-famous female action star. It may only be the movies, but prodigious martial arts skills are on di...[Read on]
NBC has its Wonder Woman
The rest of us I'm not so sure about. Late yesterday it was announced that Adrianne Palicki will star in NBC's Wonder Woman pilot. I was right about one thing, Kelley and NBC didn't waste any time. Indeed, now it seems they were in too much of a hurr...[Read on]
Amelia Cooke and the ballerina-action heroine nexus
I have commented before on the apparently easy transition afforded ballerinas when they decide to take up action roles in film or television. The foremost example of this would of course be Jennifer Garner, but there are others too (e.g., Summer Glau). It...[Read on]
Wonder Woman wanted: "Long flowing black hair, blue eyes. Amazon-like, muscular, an Olympian"
Things are moving fast on the Wonder Woman pilot. Not only has a director been settled on but the search for the new Wonder Woman is already under way. According to the casting sheet circulating the Internet, Wonder Woman producers are looking for: WOND...[Read on]