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Snowboarding – Finally!
If you’ve been following weather patterns in the Northwest at all this year, you’d probably know that we’ve had an extremely strange winter (in fact, this winter has been strange nationwide!  But especially so out West).  Seatt...[Read on]
Juice Ritual Recap: Day Two
I don’t want a burger, I don’t want a burger, I don’t want a burger.  Wait a minute, I think I read something about this once – the power of positive thinking?  I am craving a green juice, I am craving a green juice,...[Read on]
Juice Ritual Recap: Day One
Today marked the first day of my Evolution Fresh juice ritual!  So far, so good.  I took a few moments throughout the day to jot down how I was feeling at different points, so read along and feel free to share your comments below! 7am: When Dre...[Read on]
Funday at Solitude
Wanted to escape the Park City crowds yesterday, so we opted for Solitude. If you just want to ride hard and don’t mind not having a terrain park for the day, Solitude is where it is at. No lines, a playground of terrain and great ticket prices. Che...[Read on]
Shredictionary: The Falling Leaf
I recently learned that January is “learn to ski and snowboard month” (who knew?)  Anyway, since my boyfriend is currently learning to snowboard, this really hits home for me, because in taking runs with him I’ve been having to rewi...[Read on]
Resort Review: Cypress Mountain
If you followed the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, BC at all, you’d know that many of the ski/snowboard events took place at Cypress Mountain.  Given that I’m an Olympic junkie (I covered the 2010 Winter Olympics extensively on Westbo...[Read on]
My Boyfriend Learns To Snowboard
Those of you who know me well know that I LOVE to snowboard (I mean, I have a blog about snowboarding – kind of obvious, right?)  Not only do I love to snowboard, but my family loves to ski/snowboard (I know, we have a few skiiers in the family...[Read on]
5 Reasons Why Night Riding is Just as Good (if not better) than Day
When Dani and I used to compete on snowboard team, we were in high school.  And as much as we would have loved to ditch class at least once per week, I don’t think that would have fared well with our schools’ administrators.  Because...[Read on]
Resort Review: Ski Apache
While visiting family in Texas I got an opportunity to snowboard the high, Rocky Mountains of New Mexico, the United States southernmost ski area. After a very long and scenic drive from El-Paso (4 hours) we arrived in the small town of Ruidoso with Ski A...[Read on]
Resort Review: Heavenly, South Lake Tahoe
Perfectly poised in South Lake Tahoe, Heavenly Ski Resort deserves the title it boasts. I know it is cliché, but this place is truly heavenly. Sprawled across the California/Nevada border this resort has epic shredding and almost even more epic night lif...[Read on]