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Sets in Motion, Episode 10 – Orlando
In this episode of Sets In Motion, the featured athletes Jen Gilenfar, Cassandra Scott, Melissa Marquardt, Raimi Merritt, Hayley Smith , Meagan Ethell, Tarah Mikacich, and Amber Wing spent some time behind the camera in Orlando Florida with the Wakegirls ...[Read on]
54th Master's Water Ski & Wakeboard Tournament: Raimi Merritt Wins 2013 Master’s
The 54th Masters Water Ski & Wakeboard Tournament® at Callaway Gardens brought five new Masters Champions including Women’s Trick champion Iris Cambray, Men’s Trick champion Aliasksei Zharnasek, Women’s Jump champion Jacinta Carr...[Read on]
Karine Summer Edit
What did Karine Duquette do this past summer? Everything! Wakesurfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, and riding cable. Looks like someone was having fun. ...[Read on]
Amber Wing and Mailbu – Surf Expo 2012
We caught up with Amber Wing at Surf Expo 2012, and we must say, the 2013 Malibu Wakesetter 24 MXZ is looking sick!!! ...[Read on]
Nicola Butler is Livin’ the Dream
Do you ever wonder what it’s like to be a pro wakeboarder? Well, Nicola Butler made this awesome mash-up of some Go Pro footage she shot over two weeks. Imagine doing all the things she did in TWO WEEKS!!! Crazy! If you want to keep up with Nicola, ...[Read on]
Girls Ride the Wake 2012
Girls Ride the Wake 2012 from Conor Bayuk on Vimeo.   The 2012 Girls Ride The Wake event went off this past weekend in its new location, the California Delta. Girls were treated to sunny skies, glassy water, and epic wakes courtesy of the 5 Malib...[Read on]
Wakeboarding Rocks: 2012 Wakestock Women’s Roundup (Video)
Awesome to see all they ladies from Europe, as well as some familiar faces! Thanks to whitenosugar for sharing with us! ...[Read on]
Video: 2012 Nautique WakeGames Pro Women’s Finals
Here’s our video of the 2012 Nautique Wake Games Pro Women’s finals featuring Amber Wing, Raimi Merritt, Melissa Marquardt, Nicola Butler, Meagan Ethell, and Dallas Friday. Congratulations to first time Wake Games Pro Women winner Meagan Ethel...[Read on]
2012 Nautique WakeGames Pro Women’s Semi Finals
Pro Women Wake Games 2012 Day 2 from WakeGirls.com on Vimeo. On day 2 of the 2012 Nautique Wake Games, the Pro Women had to face off in Semi-finals. This video features Amber Wing, Raimi Merritt, Melissa Marquardt, Nicola Butler, Taylor McCullough, Mea...[Read on]
JOBE signs wakeboarder Abby Delgoffe.
JOBE announced today that they have officially signed female wakeboarder, Abby Delgoffe to their wakeboard team. This 25 year old pro-wakeboarder/chiropractor has been making major moves forward in the wakeboard scene over the past year. Along with rec...[Read on]