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Think of yourself as an Athlete. Commentary on sports, fitness, play, aging, and excellence from the perspective of a longtime athlete, author, journalist, feminist.

Oppressive Stereotypes for Strong Women
My letter to the editor in the Washington Post, February 19, 2014: With all due respect for a brave person who is determined to chart her own path, Marion Cory [“Genderqueer at the gym,” Outlook, Feb. 16] inadvertently reinforced the very gen...[Read on]
I Don’t Want to Become a Stiff, Sore, Old Person
I don’t want to become an old person with sore joints. Is this inevitable? Maybe. Frankly, I’m already a middle-aged person with sore joints. But I have a hypothesis: Stiff, sore people get that way by “baking” muscular tension ...[Read on]
A Splash-Free Life?
What would it mean to lead a splash-free life? To splash is “to cause water or other liquid to move in a noisy or messy way.” In swimming, leading a splash-free life means gliding smoothly forward, without wastefully dissipating one&rsq...[Read on]
Sex, Seduction, Power, and Love
My letter in the Washington Post today (regarding “Ex-swim coach gets 7 years in sex case”): “I loved him.” Those were the three most important words in Rick Curl’s sentencing hearing. Kelley Currin’s sentiment has bee...[Read on]
Being Out, Not Coming Out: Brittney Griner
Even people who don’t give a hoop about basketball are rallying aroundBrittney Griner, and what’s not to like? This Baylor center, best known for her spectacular dunks, is now publicly chatting and writing (most recently in the New York Times)...[Read on]
Game-Changer: Let Athletes Major in Sports
I sometimes joke that at Stanford University, I “majored in basketball.” Truth is, I spent hours each day immersed in a highly educational experience involving leadership and team-building lessons that were far more hands-on than anything I might hav...[Read on]
Pat Summitt R Us
When we talk about Pat Summitt, we’re talking about ourselves. We’re talking about her, too. Alzheimer’s is a progressive, terminal illness. Unless some cure comes along, Summitt was handed a fatal diagnosis. Her legendary steely resolve notwithsta...[Read on]
Civil Rights and Association Leadership
This is a mini-speech I gave in June at the Detroit reunion of Diversity Executive Leadership Program (DELP*) participants. New York State just legalized gay marriage. Regardless of one’s religious beliefs, surely everyone here appreciates this as a c...[Read on]
Mariah Burton Nelson: The Art of Excellence
The following interview appeared in the May 2011 edition of Sport Management Academy Newsletter. An award-winning athlete, author, journalist, speech writer and speaker, Mariah Burton Nelson has played a leading role in redefining what it means to be a s...[Read on]
Open Letter to Stanford Women’s Basketball Alums
The following article appeared in the Stanford Women’s Basketball Alumnae newsletter, May 2011. Today I gave a speech about nonprofit management. As soon as I finished, a man eagerly raised his hand. “Did you play for Tara?” he asked. This happens...[Read on]