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Fast at Forty

Fast at Forty was born while I was in the emergency room after crashing defending my title at the 70.3 World Championships in Clearwater, FL. In the midst of my anger over not being able to finish the race and being somewhat delirious from the pain, I decided that in 2010 I would start a campaign to be the first 40 year old woman to win a triathlon World Championship and it would be called “Fast at Forty”. During my recuperation from my injuries, which included shoulder surgery, I realized that this was a fantastic opportunity to inspire women in their 40’s to work through their challenges, overcome obstacles and attain new goals.

Top 3 Tips for Off-Season Run Training via Fast at Forty
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How Should I Approach the End of the Season? (via Fast at Forty)
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Joanna Zeiger's Kona Chronicles: Part 5
And they're off!Ironman is not a spectator sport. I know I am stating the obvious, but, wow, it just isn't. Like many sports events, it is the palpable excitement of being there that draws people in, even when such an event is better watched on TV. The mo...[Read on]
Kona Chronicles: Part 3
Kona is a vortex; or, perhaps, its vacation in general. My awake hours account for about 18 hours of each day in which I have been spending 90 minutes exercising and 2 hours working. I have not seen a TV, read a newspaper, browsed the internet, done house...[Read on]
Kona Chronicles: Part 1
I arrived in darkness. I sit here typing, overlooking the vast expanse of Kona sprawled out below, also in darkness. There is a certain sameness about it; the yellow lights, the impossible stillness, the fact that I cannot sleep past 3am every time I come...[Read on]
Twin Cities Marathon: Race Report
This is me at IM Arizona after getting a flat while winning the race.Sport is difficult; it requires time, patience, a strong mind, and a sense of humor. The greatest challenge in sport comes from the fickleness that accompanies it, the fact that in a mer...[Read on]
Do Professional Runners Matter?
Last week the Competitor Group announced their plan to drop their elite athlete program at all of their races, including the wildly popular Rock n’ Roll run series. They felt that the cost of continuing this program outweighed the benefit of bringin...[Read on]
Joanna Zeiger - Denver Double Road Race: Race Report
I never thought that running a 10k and 5k on the same day at altitude separated by an hour was a good idea. But, in the spirit of team cohesion and never one to shy away from an interesting challenge, I signed up for the Denver Double Road Race with trepi...[Read on]
Are you mentally tough?
What is mental toughness? This concept is bandied about in the sports world, often used recklessly. Is it mentally tough to forge through a race injured, bleeding or puking? Or, is it mentally tough to train while sick or when the weather is shitty? Perha...[Read on]
USA Half Marathon Race Report: More on Pacing
When people asked me which race I was doing yesterday in Duluth, the full or half marathon, competitors and non-competitor alike gave me a look when I told them I was running just the half. It can only be described as a look of reproach. A look that meant...[Read on]