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Professional Runner, Blogger, Athletic Lifestyle Pusher, Picky Bar Founder

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Cycling, Multisport, Olympics, Running, Figure Skating, Softball, Camping, Climbing, Combo Sports, Dance, River Rafting, Yoga

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Welcome to Ask Lauren, where you get bomb diggity advice from a pro distance runner who's been through it all. Also, don't be afraid to check out the Journal for some unfiltered pro-runner life, Lauren style. Peace out!

Back on Boylston via @laurenfleshman
I’m back. Like a zillion other people who were here when the shit hit the fan last year, I’m here, in Boston. We all make conversation. We try to decipher how our experience lines up with the person whom we just asked, “how does it fee...[Read on]
The Boulder Budged via @laurenfleshman & @Oiselle
Ever since Jude was born in June, I’ve been working toward becoming an elite athlete again, but it has been very difficult to find momentum. Little things keep getting in the way of progress. Breastfeeding zapped my energy. The sleep deprivation slo...[Read on]
Sydney Report (part 1) via @laurenfleshman
My iPhone was dead. No moments were captured in my first 5k back on the track, except in my mind. My computer is also dead. Only the iPad remains (see I did need all three on this trip, Jesse). No writing of significant length will be done on this.&n...[Read on]
Conflicted New Years Eve via @Laurenfleshman
Normally on New Years Eve I am itching to change the calendar over. It’s not a fresh start thing, or a resolutions thing. It’s not so much the addition of new things at all. It’s more like the freshening up of old things. Every New Ye...[Read on]
Runner’s Guide to Bend, OR for Club XC Nats via @laurenfleshman
For all you out of towners coming to visit Bend this coming weekend for Club XC Champs… That’s the cheesiest one I could find. Because Oregonians are so nice, it’s fitting. Really though. Welcome to Bend! I hope you have an amazing ...[Read on]
Fleshmaniac Gift Guide via @Laurenfleshman
I’ve never done a gift guide before. Hell, I’ve never even gone holiday shopping before December 23rd before. But this is a year of firsts (first time mom, first time finger nail grower, first time using a calendar) so it is evident the winds ...[Read on]
In Reply to, “Ok, You’re a Runner. Get Over It” via @laurenfleshman
Something tells me Stafko would not approve that I wore this outfit in public. So this guy Chad Stafko at the Wall Street Journal wrote an article a few days ago about runner’s putting 26.2 stickers on their cars and preening around shoving ...[Read on]
Picky Bars Designer? via @laurenfleshman
Click on the post above to be directed to Picky Bars for more info. ...[Read on]
Keeping it Real via @laurenfleshman
I’m not exactly the hugest Lady Gaga fan-girl, but earlier this week, she did something pretty cool. After her cover photo from “Glamour” was released, she made a public statement that the image of her was unrealistic and that she doesn&...[Read on]
Athletic Assessment via @Laurenfleshman
Anyone can dream. Are you committed? Anyone can train hard. Do you have the discipline to recover? Anyone can follow a diet. Can you make exceptions and remain confident? Anyone can react to a move. Can you be the one that makes it? Anyone can show go...[Read on]