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Rebecca Leeks has been involved in left wing politics for the last eight years. A proud socialist, Rebecca has worked on many progressive campaigns including the Equal Love campaign and the campaign against Voluntary Student Unionism. Rebecca currently resides in Melbourne where she is active in Socialist Alternative and the Australian Education Union. Rebecca follows the Brisbane Broncos and the Queensland Firebirds.

Five sets, grunting, consistency and other "women's issues" at the Australian Open
When it comes to women’s rights, tennis is the New Zealand of the sporting world. It was the first to see equality in prize money, well before other big dollar pro sports which still insist on putting women in the back seat (literally). On the cour...[Read on]
Corporate Greed Is Chewing Up The Olympics
A man holds placards protesting against the corporate sponsorship of and militarisation of the London 2012 Olympics. (Demotix.com) If there was a competition for corporate grubbiness ruining sporting events, the Olympics would take gold every time. Thi...[Read on]
Female Olympians still sit at the back of the (Air)bus
The 2012 London Olympics will be the first time in history that women have been allowed to compete in every sport at the Games. Despite this milestone, all is not equal on a modern female Olympian’s trip to London.If a female athlete overcomes all t...[Read on]
Putting some layers on lingerie football
Australia has its first lingerie football star, Chloe Butler. For the former AIS runner it’s cause for celebration. She plays tackle football in front of stadiums full of fans – something which young girls in Townsville where she grew up could only dr...[Read on]
AFL shown up by players’ crusades to tackle homophobia
Hanging up the footy books for the rainbow flag isn’t the norm in 2011 but Ben Cohen isn’t your normal international rugby player. He’s proud of the fact that he’s a popular figure in the gay community all over the world even though he’s openly ...[Read on]
Violent injury: just ‘part of the game’?
‘This is a barbaric game, this game is not for the weak. You play football, you understand that.’ Former gridiron player Marshall Faulk is blunt in his assessment of the violence involved in American football.This year, for the first time, AFL players...[Read on]
New concussion rule brings player care to a head
“This is a barbaric game, this game is not for the weak. You play football, you understand that.” Former American Football player Marshall Faulk was blunt in his assessment of the violence involved in football. This year, for the first time, AFL playe...[Read on]