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Starkville, MS, but I'm Canadian! Just call me Can-American :)

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Since college, I have continued running, I'm a Mom, I work full-time, I coach part-time (USATF level 1 certified), and I race on occasion. I blog about my training, racing, my child, and balancing family, work and training for a 2:45 marathon. Wish me luck!

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Road Cycling, Triathlon, Rugby, Running, Cross Country, Marathon, Race Report, Ultra Marathon, Track & Field, Yoga

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I'm a new Mom, I work full-time, and I am an avid runner/racer. I blog about my training, racing, my child (born 10/15/10), and dealing with all the changes/challenges that come in life post-pregnancy.

Training Log: 7 Weeks Postpartum via @MegganFranks
  Monday: 50 minutes light progressive run (still tight from Saturday) Tuesday: 8.3 miles 7:40-8:00 Wednesday: 30 min recovery Thursday: 8.3 miles w/ 2 miles fast (6:25, 6:21) & 5x 1 min fast, full jog recovery (5:35-5:55) Friday: 45 min progre...[Read on]
Weighing in via @MegganFranks
If you clicked on the link to my blog thinking that I was going to tell you how much I weigh post-baby, I'm sorry I misled you. I was going to write about the "weight" issue, pregnancy weight, and post pregnancy weight and why I think we (men, ladies, hum...[Read on]
Pregnancy running log week 31, 32, 33 via @MegganFranks
One unfortunate event occurred during week 32...I am now unable to handle running on the road. The ligament pain when logging miles outside is just too much for me, plus the humidity is so high right now I struggle to breath throughout most of the run. Th...[Read on]
Pregnancy running log 7 months via @MegganFranks
This week was a challenge. My husband was gone from Sunday-Saturday to Eugene for NCAA Track and Field Championships so running was (sort of) the last thing on my mind. I was more concerned with how I would manage single-parent mode all week at just a few...[Read on]
Pregnancy running log week 29 (whew!) via @MegganFranks
Monday: 5 miles (did my new morning loop. A bit of ligament pain! Argh so frustrating. I am so slow I feel like a turtle!) Tuesday: 5 miles (basically a repeat of Monday. Yay me.) Wednesday: 40 min on the treadmill. No ligament pain, slept a little late...[Read on]
Pregnancy training log week 28 via @MegganFranks
Monday:50 min run. Hot, many walk breaks. Felt horrible. Maybe went 5 miles if lucky.Tuesday: 65 min total (35min run, 25 min elliptical with intervals of 3,2,1 x2) I tried running pick ups on the treadmill yesterday and it was just too much for my pelvic...[Read on]
Welcome back third trimester! via @MegganFranks
I've been so tired in the evening and early mornings that I thought it might be a good idea to split my workout in half (half in the am and half in the pm) to see if it helped my energy levels throughout the day. For about two days I think I felt pretty g...[Read on]
Pregnancy Training Log Week 26-27 via @MegganFranks
Monday: 51 min run (mostly waddling here, I suffered, getting ligament pain like last time, had to take a lot of walking breaks, this loop normally only takes 45 minutes)Tuesday: 55 min total, ran with Kelly for the first 32 minutes of her warmup. Her war...[Read on]
Gum Tree 10K recap at 6 months pregnant via @MegganFranks
15 min w/uGum Tree 10k in: 44:40 (7:12 pace) *6 months pregnant*, 1st in Age Group(1 short walk break)no cool downIt would break my heart if I didn't run the Gum Tree 10K in 2014. I have ran this race nearly every year since 2007, finishing anywhere from ...[Read on]
Being "Thankful" via @MegganFranks #runchat
I was in the middle of a week of chaos, extreme fatigue, and a lot of work. To top it off, my husband left for Penn Relays early, meaning I was once again in single parent mode. I was tired....no, I was exhausted. I kept praying for Friday night, knowing ...[Read on]