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Jennifer Doyle

From a Left Wing has retired, Long Live The Sport Spectacle
I wrote From a Left Wing from December 2007 until July 2013. For much of that time, I averaged one post a week; some years I wrote more than that. In that time my interests have changed, and much as I love From a Left Wing as a writing-space and as a comm...[Read on]
Brazil Rejects the Pure Spectacle
The people taking to the streets in Brazil are demonstrating the only right and true response to the militarized boondoggle of international sports festivals like FIFA's World Cup and the Olympics. These are serial spectacles - a rotating cast and se...[Read on]
Are the Doncaster Belles being punished for their history? Or for the history of women's football?
Moira Lovell, "John and Precious" from Stand Your GroundDoncaster Rover Belles players and their coachThe unfairness of discrimination can be so lacerating, so outrageous that you hesitate to speak directly to the experience of it. Once you start, you are...[Read on]
The Runner's Runner
I've long wanted to write about Justina Cassavell. My sister has been the cross-country coach at Voorhees High School in New Jersey since the mid 1990s. She is also the head track coach (boys and girls). She announced her resignation yesterday - within mi...[Read on]
Brittney Griner, Jason Collins and the Sex of a Story
The (not-homophobic side of the) sports world has invested a lot of magic in the currently-professional-and-playing-out-gay-male-athlete. It's no wonder, given how elusive that athlete has been.Jason Collins comes out decades after Stonewall, he comes out...[Read on]
Jason Collins Comes Out (and Leans In)
NBA center Jason Collins came out in this week's issue of Sports Illustrated. People are celebrating him as the first man in a "major sport" to come out as gay. That is true only if we limit our examples to the US.Justin Fashanu was the first at...[Read on]
The Vulnerable Spectacle: Notes on the Bombing of a Marathon
The bombing at the Boston Marathon - what is there to say about such a thing? Already, barely a day into the story the story is on repeat. Terror, heroism, terror, heroism. How many are dead? Wounds and more wounds. Women & children. Look out for a d...[Read on]
Big Money Sports Provides Training in Bullying and Harassment!: Notes on Rutgers Basketball
Rutgers's biggest problem is not Mike Rice. It's politicians digging into the university's infrastructure - taking the ongoing dismantling of affordable public education to the next level (first attack affordability, then attack the scene of educatio...[Read on]
Blame Patriarchy: Thoughts on Steubenville rape case and "Jock Culture"
In a recent polemic Dave Zirin asks if "jock culture" is to be blamed for the Steubenville case.Responding to evidence that adults around these football players conspired to cover up the shame and the crime of it all, Zirin tackles the social structu...[Read on]
She's a Forward and She's Really Awesome (Sam Gordan Video)
I wrote about Sam Gordon the other week for Salon. Love. Her. ...[Read on]