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Steeplechase for Nike, Computer Engineer, Harry Potter, and Twilight Fan.

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Track & Field

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Lisa's Water Pit

Thoughts and musings by former American record holder Lisa Aguilera, who is a professional track & field athlete competing in the Steeplechase.

Why Do You Do It?
I do it because I love the process. I love being outside. I love competing and seeing how far I can push myself. It’s the challenge. There’s something satisfying about a hard days work. Those nights you lay in bed and can’t sleep be...[Read on]
What’s your first Olympic experience?
I’ve wanted to make the Olympics since I was a gymnast in the 3rd grade, 1987. For the past 25 years! I’ve gone back and looked at journals from the 3rd-6th grade where I dreamed of being the next Mary Lou Retton or Nadia Comaneci. I have note...[Read on]
Daily recipe: A tribute to my knife
Recipe for Chilean Sea Bass Tacos with Mango Salsa Lisa Aguilera – March 3rd, 2011 The knife Chilean Sea Bass Tacos Ingredients: Chilean Sea Bass Coconut  Oil Himalayan Pink Sea Salt Pepper Dill Soft Corn Tortillas Vegetable Oil Salsa Ingre...[Read on]
Building New Neurons in Germany
Lisa Aguilera – August 9th, 2010 I’m a geek. If you didn’t know before, this blog will leave very little doubt. So, I was reading a book “Iconoclast: A Neuroscientist Reveals How to Think differently” months ago. In one of the first chapters...[Read on]
Philosophical Argument Disagreeing with @tinyBuddah Quote: “Love is loving things that you sometimes don’t like”
Lisa Aguilera – July 27th, 2010 I do like track workouts. I like the getting excited before the workout, the anticipation, the battle between your body saying no and your mind saying yes. I actually enjoy track workouts MORE then just regular runs. ...[Read on]
Big West Pump Up
 Hanging in Macy’s Coffee in Flagstaff with Steph and she just quickly wrote this pump-up for her former teammates for UCSB Conference weekend.  It was so inspiring I had to post it: Stephanie Rothstein – May 13th, 2010 Victor Frankl  once said...[Read on]
Will doing more pull-ups help me run faster?
Lisa Galaviz – December 29th, 2009 If I’m on the starting line, and I look into the eyes of my competitors and I can honestly say to myself, “I can do more pull-ups than all you!” will that help me run faster? I’ve recently been in a twitter tr...[Read on]
My Top 10 Favorite Athlete Websites
Lisa Galaviz – October 4th, 2009 Yesterday at Geekfest 2009 (As @KCbandit liked to call it), Ann Gaffigan (former American Record holder in the steeplechase and current Computer Website Mogul) and I were discussing website design. I asked her what h...[Read on]
Random thoughts on the National Championships and racing
Lisa Galaviz – July 2nd, 2009 USAs I was just reflecting on my USA’s 6th place finish, and while I wanted to finish top 3 so bad, I was really happy with how I raced and competed. Believe it or not, I want all the best runners to run the steeplechas...[Read on]