2012-2013 NCAA Basketball

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NCAA Basketball Pac-12 preview: the University of California

posted by They're Playing Basketball Sat, Oct 19 at 8:33pm

This is part three of an annual series previewing the Pac-12 teamsCal came up with quite a recipe for its basketball program.They took one group of talented players, added a brand new head coach and an energetic assistant coaching staff, and got some amaz...more
NCAA women's basketball committee outlines next steps to enhance play

posted by They're Playing Basketball Fri, Jun 28 at 8:49am

The follow up to Val Ackerman's recommendations last week is fast:The NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball Committee is moving quickly to enhance championship play, based on the recommendations from Val Ackerman’s white paper presented nationall...more
FGCU coach Karl Smesko on the Ackerman white paper

posted by Swish Appeal Thu, Jun 27 at 4:14pm

Earlier this month Val Ackerman released her report on the state of NCAA Women’s DI basketball. She addressed many issues, presented many ideas, and specifically endorsed some measures. Some of the ideas presented were very good such as a 2...more
Val Ackerman recommends changes to NCAA Division I women's basketball

posted by They're Playing Basketball Wed, Jun 19 at 9:39pm

Former WNBA president Val Ackerman has conducted interviews with stakeholders in women's basketball, and the report she gave the NCAA has been released. Among her recommendations:Many of Ackerman’s interviews included discussions about the Division ...more
The Ackerman White Paper, Part II: Changing the game

posted by Swish Appeal Wed, Jun 19 at 9:33pm

The NCAA White Paper authored by former WNBA president Val Ackerman is causing a lot of conversation in the ranks of women's college basketball. Yesterday, I read the first part of the paper and highlighted the parts that popped out as being of interes...more
Jordan Madden reflects on Baylor & her basketball career

posted by Swish Appeal Sun, Jun 2 at 12:30pm

Swish Appeal - What was it like playing for Kim? Jordan Madden- Good. She is a good coach and she treated everyone as one. SA-Were there a lot of team rules? JM- Not really and they applied to all of us. Should not wear hats or nose rings.Not much...more
How much does a win in women's college basketball cost? - the 2012-13 update

posted by Swish Appeal Thu, May 23 at 9:14pm

A couple of years ago, we decided to use the concept of Marginal Cost per Marginal Win to determine which NCAA Division I basketball teams were the best at spending their budgets. With new numbers - and one year gone by - we look again at how much a wi...more
NCAA Women's basketball Alabama coaching search: Kristy Curry resigns from Texas Tech to take Crimson Tide job

posted by Swish Appeal Sun, May 12 at 9:18am

After Wendell Hudson stepped down, Alabama is looking for a new head coach. "Today’s decision is a mutual one between Wendell (Hudson) and me," Alabama Director of Athletics Bill Battle said. "We have had several discussions over the last few wee...more
Chattanooga (UTC) hires a proven winner in former Ohio State coach Jim Foster

posted by Swish Appeal Sun, May 12 at 9:12am

It is not often that a brand new AD can make a soon-to-be Hall of Fame coach as his first hire. Chattanooga's David Blackburn has that distinction. Jim Foster was named as the Chattanooga head coach this past week after being fired at Ohio State, wh...more
College Basketball news: The wheels keep turning

posted by They're Playing Basketball Tue, Apr 23 at 8:41pm

College coaching changes:Alabama Coach Wendell Husdon has been reassigned to an administrative role in the school's athletic department.Randy Norton is UAB's new coach.The new head coach at Dartmouth is Belle Koclanes.Michigan State Coach Suzy Merchant ha...more
The early 2013-2014 NCAA women's basketball preseason top 10

posted by Swish Appeal Mon, Apr 22 at 2:07pm

1. Connecticut Huskies: They return Breanna Stewart, Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis and Stefanie Dolson. The three of them could probably win a National Championship on their own. Can you say "undefeated"? 2. Duke Blue Devils: They have the most talent of an...more
Brittney Griner comes out as being already out

posted by They're Playing Basketball Thu, Apr 18 at 9:09am

Brittney Griner, Elena Delle Donne and Skylar Diggins discuss sports and sexuality:SI Video host Maggie Gray: "Another big topic in sports recently is sexuality, especially with the NFL. In football it was rumored that maybe one or more players were going...more
Mailbag: No disrespect, but another assistant who's a black woman could coach at Washington

posted by Jayda Evans: Womens Hoops Blog Wed, Apr 17 at 8:00pm

Washington has begun its search to replace women’s basketball coach Kevin McGuff. And already I’ve heard rumors that because Tia Jackson failed as a coach, the Huskies wouldn’t hire another black woman assistant for her first head-coachi...more
But of course, there's more NCAA Basketball news

posted by They're Playing Basketball Wed, Apr 17 at 7:43pm

Coaching changes:Cynthia Cooper-Dyke was introduced as USC's new coach today.Nyla Milleson is George Mason's new coach.Terry Fowler will take over as coach for South Alabama.Alabama A&M;has fired Atherias Warmley.Transfer:Forward Kristi Mokube is tran...more
2013 WNBA Draft: Five rebounding interior players

posted by Swish Appeal Sat, Apr 13 at 8:34pm

Power forwards are probably the easiest draft prospects to evaluate because their value can be reduced to two primary questions: Are they taller than 6'1"? Do they rebound well? After that, being an efficient scorer helps but is not nearly as much...more

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