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Tuesday, February 5, 2013 at 8:40am EST

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Usually I try to get this up on Sunday night, but there was this little game on TV last night and I didn’t think anyone would pay attention. So here it is on Monday.

Plus, at the bottom we have the top eight marks of the weekend in each event. Check it out.

Let’s get to it!


Athlete of the Week: Japheth Cato, Wisconsin
Cato won the heptathlon at Nebraska’s Frank Sevigne Husker Invitational with a score of 6,024 points. It’s the eleventh-best heptathlon mark ever by a collegian, and also makes him one of only three collegians to ever have multiple scores of 6,000 or more.

Honorable Mention goes to Brandon Pounds of Indiana State. He won the weight throw at Notre Dame’s Meyo Invitational with a distance of 73′ 11¾” (22.55m), which makes him the #9 US collegian of all time.

Division II: Drew Windle of Ashland won the 800 meters at the Akron Invitational in a time of 1:49.36, a D-II leading time and 15th among all divisions.

Division III: I’ll agree with the USTFCCCA’s choice and go with Marcus Smith of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Doubling up at the Leonard “Squig” Converse Invitational, Smith won the 60 meter hurdles in 8.01 seconds, the 6th-fastest in D-III history, and also triple jumped 50′ 4½” (15.35m) for a D-III leading mark.

NAIA: Ray Carney of Siena Heights took second in the weight throw at the Findlay Open with a distance of 67′ 6¼” (20.58m), which puts him tenth on the all-division collegiate list.

CIS (Canadian Interuniversity Sport): Taylor Stewart of Western Ontario took second in the long jump (first collegian) at the Meyo Invitational with a distance of 24′ 11¾” (7.61m), a CIS-leading mark and the fourth-best of the weekend among all North American collegians.

Team of the Week: Nebraska Cornhuskers
Competing at their own Frank Sevigne Husker Invitational, Nebraska’s men put up the best marks of any college team this week. These marks came in the 200 meters, 600 meters, 5000 meters, long jump, triple jump, shot put, and 4×400 relay.

Honorable mention goes to Texas A&M for winning the Armory Collegiate Invitational.

Team Player: Austin Batiste, Navy
In a tight five-point victory over archrival Army, Batiste won the 200 meters and 400 meters and ran third leg on the losing 4×400 relay.

Canadian in America: Mississippi State freshman Brandon McBride, a prize recruit out of Windsor, Ontario, ran his first collegiate 800 on Saturday at Notre Dame’s Meyo Invitational. He led from wire to wire and broke the 21-year-old Canadian junior indoor record, running 1:47.74.


Athlete of the Week: Brianna Rollins, Clemson
Rollins won the 60 meter hurdles at the Armory Collegiate Invitational with a time of 7.93 seconds, which is tied for the 8th best ever by a collegian. Her winning margin is just as remarkable: 0.27 seconds, over teammate Bridgette Owens, the #3 hurdler on the 2013 collegiate list. Rollins also won the 200 meters at the ACI, in 23.22 seconds.

Honorable mention goes to Kansas’ Andrea Guebelle. She won the long jump at the Armory Collegiate Invitational with a distance of 21′ 11½” (6.69m), which makes her the #8 U.S. collegian of all time.

Division II: Findlay’s Jessica Rowland took second in the weight throw at the Oilers’ own Findlay Open. Her distance of 68′ 11¾” (21.02m) puts her ninth on the 2013 all-division collegiate list. More importantly, she defeated D-II leader Sam Lockhart of Grand Valley State.

Division III: Melissa Norville of Illinois College won the triple jump at the Lady Blues’ own Jim Green Invitational with a distance of 40′ 7″ (12.37m). While not a PR, it still rates as one of the best ever in D-III history.

NAIA: Also competing at the Jim Green Invitational, Missouri Valley’s Hanna Wood long jumped 21′ ¾” (6.42m), the second best mark of the weekend among all divisions. She didn’t win, though, as for some reason she was entered into the men’s competition, where she took fifth.

CIS: Western Ontario’s Caroline Ehrhardt took second in the triple jump (first collegian) at Notre Dame’s Meyo Invitational. Her distance, 41′ 9¾” (12.74m) is a CIS leader and was sixth-best of the weekend among all North American collegians.

Team of the Week: LSU Tigers
LSU went into the Armory Collegiate Invitational against the nation’s #1 and #2 teams and came out with the win. You can’t do much better than that.

Honorable mention goes to Clemson, who put up a fine collection of marks at the Armory Collegiate Invitational in the 60 meters, 200 meters, 400 meters, 60 hurdles, and 4×400 relay.

Team player: Lisa Junta, Army
In a losing effort against archrival Navy, Junta did her part to try to break the Army losing streak that now stretches to eight straight indoor meets. At 12:30pm she won the mile (5:05.39), at 1:50pm she 3000 meters (10:20.95), and at 2:15pm she ran third leg on the winning 4×800 relay.

Chris Berman, have you thought of: Notre Dame distance runner Meg Ryan “…I’ll have what she’s having”

The Weekend’s Best Marks

# = track size conversion applied
@ = altitude conversion applied
* = converted from 600 meters


60 meters Robinson, Bryce Tulsa 6.61 Husker Inv Rowland, Marcus Auburn 6.66 Husker Inv Adams, Harry Auburn 6.67 Husker Inv Cherry, D’Angelo Miss State 6.67 Armory Coll Inv Parson, Rynell LSU 6.68 Armory Coll Inv Walters, David Langston 6.68 @ New Mexico Cl Ernest, Aaron LSU 6.69 Armory Coll Inv Brock, Keenan Auburn 6.69 Husker Inv Walker, Everett Baylor 6.69 Husker Inv Horvat, Dario Grand Canyon 6.69 @ Mtn T’s Open 200 meters Ernest, Aaron LSU 20.83 Armory Coll Inv Dukes, Dedric Florida 20.95 Husker Inv McKenzie, Dexter Nebraska 21.00 Husker Inv Rowland, Marcus Auburn 21.03 Husker Inv Laryea-Akrong, Allah Utah Valley 21.18 Bronco Classic Hardy, Jr., Prezel Texas A&M 21.23 Armory Coll Inv Hester, Tevin Clemson 21.25 Armory Coll Inv Anderson, Justin Texas Southern 21.29 @ Red Raider Open 400 meters Feeney, Patrick Notre Dame 46.13 Meyo Invite Verburg, David George Mason 46.26 Armory Coll Inv Lendore, Deon Texas A&M 46.49 Armory Coll Inv Hall, Arman Florida 46.61 Husker Inv Spratling, Brycen Pittsburgh 46.66 Armory Coll Inv Nolan, Errol Houston 46.69 Armory Coll Inv Graham Jr, Hugh Florida 46.78 Husker Inv Giesting, Christopher Notre Dame 46.98 Meyo Invite 800 meters McBride, Brandon Miss State 1:47.74 Meyo Invite Murray, Declan Loyola (Ill.) 1:48.04 Meyo Invite Creese, Robby Penn State 1:49.13 Sykes/Sabock Kemboi, Edward Iowa State 1:49.1 * Armory Coll Inv Windle, Drew Ashland 1:49.36 Akron Inv Watkins, Za’Von Penn State 1:49.41 Sykes/Sabock Brinn, Tommy Nebraska 1:49.4 * Husker Inv Rush, Cody Nebraska 1:49.5 * Husker Inv Mile Rotich, Anthony UTEP 3:57.76 @ New Mexico Cl Mudd, Austin Wisconsin 3:59.33 Meyo Invite Morris, Graham Illinois 4:00.17 Meyo Invite Bayer, Andrew Indiana 4:00.20 Meyo Invite Legesse, Frezer Oklahoma 4:01.68 Meyo Invite Fallon, Christopher Ohio State 4:02.01 Meyo Invite Atchoo, Michael Stanford 4:02.38 Armory Coll Inv Stutzman, Tyler Stanford 4:02.52 Armory Coll Inv 3000 meters Kithuka, Kennedy Texas Tech 7:50.26 Meyo Invite Rotich, Anthony UTEP 8:02.79 @ New Mexico Cl Lelei, Henry Texas A&M 8:03.71 Armory Coll Inv Franklin, Michael Princeton 8:04.59 Armory Coll Inv Kissorio, Ezekiel Texas Tech 8:07.61 Meyo Invite Moverman, Mike Duke 8:07.91 Armory Coll Inv Kibichiy, Edwin Louisville 8:08.70 Meyo Invite Murphy, Mike Columbia 8:08.73 Armory Coll Inv 5000 meters Mettler, Jeffrey South Dakota 14:08.74 Husker Inv Vidlak, Trevor Nebraska 14:13.62 Husker Inv McCormack, Ty Clemson 14:14.00 Armory Coll Inv Allen, Mark American 14:17.05 Armory Coll Inv Whitelaw, Austin Tennessee 14:18.11 Armory Coll Inv McDonnell, Kevin St. Joseph’s (Pa.) 14:19.69 Armory Coll Inv Jaworski, Griffin Auburn 14:20.18 Husker Inv Ross, Paul Columbia 14:20.92 Armory Coll Inv 60m Hurdles Adams, Spencer Clemson 7.59 Armory Coll Inv Stewart, Keiron Texas 7.73 Armory Coll Inv Cross, Caleb Arkansas 7.77 Armory Coll Inv Swift, Greggmar Indiana State 7.79 Meyo Invite Joseph, Vanier Illinois 7.83 Armory Coll Inv Reed, Darius Metropolitan St. 7.84 @ New Mexico Cl Echols, Dondre South Carolina 7.85 Armory Coll Inv Davis II, Wayne Texas A&M 7.86 Armory Coll Inv 4×400 Relay Penn State 3:08.03 Sykes/Sabock Nebraska 3:09.31 Husker Inv Texas A&M 3:09.62 Armory Coll Inv Baylor 3:09.89 Husker Inv Notre Dame 3:09.93 Meyo Invite Loyola (Ill.) 3:10.63 Meyo Invite Ohio State 3:10.64 Meyo Invite LSU 3:10.68 Armory Coll Inv Distance Medley Stanford 9:34.20 Armory Coll Inv Oregon 9:35.06 Armory Coll Inv Arkansas 9:35.50 Armory Coll Inv Columbia 9:40.67 Armory Coll Inv Kansas 9:46.92 Armory Coll Inv Penn State 9:48.39 Sykes/Sabock Wisconsin 9:49.45 Meyo Invite BYU 9:49.48 Armory Coll Inv High Jump Jackson, Marcus Miss State 7′ 3¼” / 2.22m Armory Coll Inv Kemper, Deante Northern Arizona 7′ 2¼” / 2.19m Mtn T’s Open Ware, Torian Clemson 7′ 2¼” / 2.19m Armory Coll Inv Reynolds, Maalik Penn 7′ 1″ / 2.16m Sykes/Sabock Thompson, Kerry UTSA 7′ 1″ / 2.16m Armory Coll Inv Blair, Montez Cornell 7′ 1″ / 2.16m Sykes/Sabock Bowen Jr., Alexander Albany 7′ 1″ / 2.16m Armory Coll Inv John, Dakota BYU 7′ ½” / 2.15m Armory Coll Inv Pole Vault Barber, Shawn Akron 18′ 3¾” / 5.58m Akron Inv Hinch, Derick Arizona State 18′ ½” / 5.50m Mtn T’s Open Blankenship, Jake Tennessee 18′ ½” / 5.50m Armory Coll Inv Weirich, Victor BYU 17′ 8½” / 5.40m Armory Coll Inv Houston, Scott Indiana 17′ 8½” / 5.40m Meyo Invite Brannon, Chase Tennessee 17′ 8½” / 5.40m Armory Coll Inv Meyers, Kyal Texas Tech 17′ 5½” / 5.32m Red Raider Open Lupton, Greg Kansas 17′ 4½” / 5.30m Armory Coll Inv Weiler, Nico Harvard 17′ 4½” / 5.30m Armory Coll Inv Bishop, Alex Kansas 17′ 4½” / 5.30m Armory Coll Inv Long Jump Forbes, Damar LSU 25′ 10¼” / 7.88m Armory Coll Inv Lawson, Jarrion Arkansas 25′ 8¾” / 7.84m Armory Coll Inv Raedler, Patrick Nebraska 25′ 5¼” / 7.75m Husker Inv Crawford, Corey Rutgers 24′ 11¾” / 7.61m Armory Coll Inv Stewart, Taylor Western Ontario 24′ 11¾” / 7.61m Meyo Invite Dendy, Marquis Florida 24′ 11¼” / 7.60m Husker Inv Kurzinski, Aron Seton Hill 24′ 7¾” / 7.51m Armory Coll Inv Peoples, Tyshaun Akron 24′ 5½” / 7.45m Akron Inv Triple Jump Harper, Jason Miss State 51′ 11¼” / 15.83m Armory Coll Inv Woodard, Preston Prairie View 51′ 9¾” / 15.79m Red Raider Open Swafford, Ryan UC Riverside 51′ 8½” / 15.76m Mtn T’s Open Kersh, Morris Mississippi 51′ 8½” / 15.76m Meyo Invite Leitis, Janis Nebraska 52′ 10¾” / 15.75m Husker Inv Raedler, Patrick Nebraska 51′ 7″ / 15.72m Husker Inv Gardner, Jonathan Georgia Tech 51′ 6¼” / 15.70m Meyo Invite Delaunay, Klyvens Iowa 51′ 3½” / 15.63m Meyo Invite Shot Put Baillio, Hayden Texas 63′ 7¾” / 19.40m Armory Coll Inv Saenz, Stephen Auburn 63′ 0″ / 19.20m Husker Inv Garrett, Richard UTSA 62′ 11¼” / 19.18m Armory Coll Inv Weldon, Kole Texas Tech 62′ 0¼” / 18.90m Red Raider Open Wright, Chad Nebraska 61′ 7″ / 18.77m Husker Inv Jones, Jonathan Buffalo 61′ 5″ / 18.72m Sykes/Sabock Mozia, Stephen Cornell 61′ 2″ / 18.64m Sykes/Sabock Hill, Darrell Penn State 60′ 9½” / 18.53m Sykes/Sabock Weight Throw Pounds, Brandon Indiana State 73′ 11¾” / 22.55m Meyo Invite Sauer, Bradley Southern Illinois 68′ 9¾” / 20.97m SIU Invitational Miller, Nick Oklahoma State 68′ 9¾” / 20.97m Husker Inv Lehman, Jon Minnesota 68′ 9¾” / 20.97m Husker Inv Postin, Jeremy Florida 67′ 11″ / 20.70m Husker Inv Tayala, Matthias Kent State 67′ 9¾” / 20.67m Findlay Open Carney, Raymond Siena Heights 67′ 6¼” / 20.58m Findlay Open Enekwechi, Chukwuebuka Purdue 66′ 10″ / 20.37m Meyo Invite Heptathlon Cato, Japheth Wisconsin 6024 Husker Inv Chaney, Clayton Rice 5600 Mtn T’s Open Ziemek, Zach Wisconsin 5598 Husker Inv York, Richard New Mexico 5538 Husker Inv Johnson, Matthew Sam Houston St. 5533 # Varsity Apt Inv Shreve, Dexter Kent State 5525 Akron Inv Bahner, Austin Wichita State 5497 # Varsity Apt Inv Lillejord, Andy North Dakota St. 5456 # Thund Herd Cl


60 meters Duncan, Kimberlyn LSU 7.16 Armory Coll Inv Freeman, Octavious UCF 7.23 Husker Inv Scott, Aurieyall UCF 7.24 Husker Inv Bryant, Dezerea Clemson 7.26 Armory Coll Inv Black, Geronne Portland State 7.30 Armory Coll Inv Levy, Jura Oklahoma Baptist 7.33 Husker Inv Daniels, Paris Kansas 7.34 Armory Coll Inv Jackson, Mercedes UMBC 7.34 Armory Coll Inv 200 meters Scott, Aurieyall UCF 23.14 Husker Inv Rollins, Brianna Clemson 23.22 Armory Coll Inv Purvis, Ashton Texas A&M 23.30 Armory Coll Inv Freeman, Octavious UCF 23.40 Husker Inv Spencer, Ashley Illinois 23.42 Husker Inv Daniels, Paris Kansas 23.46 Armory Coll Inv Bryant, Dezerea Clemson 23.54 Armory Coll Inv Levy, Jura Oklahoma Baptist 23.62 Husker Inv 400 meters Rucker, Erika South Carolina 52.93 Armory Coll Inv Miller, Shaunae Georgia 52.96 Akron Inv Caddle, Melissa Coppin State 53.08 Armory Coll Inv Wesh, Marlena Clemson 53.36 Armory Coll Inv Guion-Firmin, Lenora UMES 53.38 Armory Coll Inv Beckles, Kanika Texas A&M 53.64 Armory Coll Inv Rivers, Christen Texas Tech 53.66 Armory Coll Inv McGee, Cierra George Mason 53.73 Armory Coll Inv 800 meters Brooks, Alena Minnesota 2:06.24 Meyo Invite Cox, Chelsea Georgetown 2:06.51 Armory Coll Inv Weissenbach, Amy Stanford 2:06.72 Armory Coll Inv Westaway, Jenna Calgary 2:06.7 * Bison Classic Mania, Brigitte Connecticut 2:07.08 Armory Coll Inv Snapp, Nijgia Tennessee 2:07.24 Armory Coll Inv Murphy, Samantha Illinois 2:07.55 Husker Inv Aragon, Danielle Notre Dame 2:07.58 Meyo Invite Mile Schneider, Rachel Georgetown 4:39.48 Armory Coll Inv Tracy, Rebecca Notre Dame 4:39.52 Meyo Invite Farber, Lianne North Carolina 4:40.19 Armory Coll Inv Osika, Shannon Michigan 4:40.28 Meyo Invite Paul, Rachel Georgetown 4:41.12 Armory Coll Inv Margey, Kelsey Villanova 4:41.78 Armory Coll Inv Hamilton, Carly Georgia 4:43.46 Akron Inv Shearer, Emily Cornell 4:44.93 Sykes/Sabock 3000 meters Eccleston, Amanda Michigan 9:25.27 Meyo Invite Docherty, Laura Minnesota 9:28.45 Meyo Invite Kayfes, Molly Minnesota 9:32.02 Meyo Invite Accurso, Juli Ohio U. 9:32.92 Meyo Invite Huth, Audrey Northwestern 9:34.43 Meyo Invite Aragon, Alexa Notre Dame 9:34.48 Meyo Invite D’Alessio, Lauren Samford 9:35.80 Meyo Invite Cutright, Haley Mississippi 9:36.37 Meyo Invite 5000 meters Carleton, Laura LSU 16:11.58 Armory Coll Inv Conner, Corey Maine 16:14.19 Armory Coll Inv Valgoi, Gina Loyola (Ill.) 16:15.00 Meyo Invite Johns, Rhiannon UAB 16:26.52 Meyo Invite Kirk, Elinor UAB 16:28.90 Meyo Invite Nicholas, Jackie Princeton 16:33.69 Sykes/Sabock Nielson, Lindsey BYU 16:34.76 Armory Coll Inv Lampe, Kayla South Carolina 16:39.15 Armory Coll Inv 60m Hurdles Rollins, Brianna Clemson 7.93 Armory Coll Inv Owens, Bridgette Clemson 8.20 Armory Coll Inv Stowers, Jasmin LSU 8.19 Armory Coll Inv Bowen, Lutisha UCF 8.22 Husker Inv Grimes, Katie Texas Tech 8.23 Armory Coll Inv Ofili, Cindy Michigan 8.26 Meyo Invite Barber, Jade Notre Dame 8.26 Meyo Invite Beckles, Kierre South Carolina 8.27 Armory Coll Inv 4x400m Relay Arkansas 3:35.20 Armory Coll Inv Illinois 3:36.64 Husker Inv Florida 3:37.32 Husker Inv Clemson 3:38.06 Armory Coll Inv Michigan State 3:38.47 Meyo Invite Penn State 3:38.48 Sykes/Sabock Notre Dame 3:38.50 Meyo Invite LSU 3:38.65 Armory Coll Inv Distance Medley Villanova (A) 10:56.74 Armory Coll Inv Arkansas (B) 11:04.93 Armory Coll Inv Georgetown (C) 11:05.66 Armory Coll Inv Stanford (C) 11:06.46 Armory Coll Inv Connecticut (A) 11:06.69 Armory Coll Inv Duke (C) 11:10.51 Armory Coll Inv LSU (B) 11:22.74 Armory Coll Inv Tennessee (F) 11:24.34 Armory Coll Inv High Jump Atkinson Grier, Saniel Georgia 6′ 0″ / 1.83m Akron Inv Pressley, Maya Auburn 6′ 0″ / 1.83m Husker Inv Szabo, Barbara Western State 5′ 11½” / 1.82m New Mexico Cl Williams, Brionne Vanderbilt 5′ 11¼” / 1.81m Armory Coll Inv Scheper, Jeannelle South Carolina 5′ 11¼” / 1.81m Armory Coll Inv Burke, Taylor Florida 5′ 11¼” / 1.81m Husker Inv Smith, Amina Maryland 5′ 10″ / 1.78m Anderson Inv Kirschling, Megan Elon 5′ 10″ / 1.78m Anderson Inv Melville, Amber Maryland 5′ 10″ / 1.78m Anderson Inv Cummings, Sydney West Virginia 5′ 10″ / 1.78m Akron Inv Hurd , Erika Cincinnati 5′ 10″ / 1.78m Armory Coll Inv Saunders, Ronea Central Connecticut 5′ 10″ / 1.78m Armory Coll Inv Dailey-Harris, Dakota Miami 5′ 10″ / 1.78m New Mexico Cl Bikanova, Ilva Connecticut 5′ 10″ / 1.78m Armory Coll Inv Kinsella, Michelle Louisville 5′ 10″ / 1.78m Meyo Invite Shuman, Lacey North Carolina St. 5′ 10″ / 1.78m Hilton Garden Inv Pole Vault Bartnovskaya, Natalia Kansas 14′ 1¼” / 4.30m Armory Coll Inv Buell, Bethany South Dakota 13′ 11¾” / 4.26m Husker Inv Fields, MacKenzie Cincinnati 13′ 9¼” / 4.20m Armory Coll Inv Richartz, Stephanie Illinois 13′ 8½” / 4.18m Husker Inv Brown, Kristen San Diego St. 13′ 7¼” / 4.15m New Mexico Cl Riebold, Jade Eastern Illinois 13′ 7¼” / 4.15m Meyo Invite Nageotte, Katie Ashland 13′ 6¼” / 4.12m Akron Inv Hadfield , Linda Tennessee 13′ 5¼” / 4.10m Armory Coll Inv Morris, Sandi Arkansas 13′ 5¼” / 4.10m Armory Coll Inv Payne, Demi Kansas 13′ 5¼” / 4.10m Armory Coll Inv Fisher, Rachel BYU 13′ 5¼” / 4.10m Armory Coll Inv Olsen, Petra South Carolina 13′ 5¼” / 4.10m Armory Coll Inv Mills, Madison South Dakota 13′ 5¼” / 4.10m Husker Inv Gross, Brigitte Sioux Falls 13′ 5¼” / 4.10m Husker Inv Long Jump Geubelle, Andrea Kansas 21′ 11½” / 6.69m Armory Coll Inv Wood, Hannah Missouri Valley 21′ 0¾” / 6.42m Jim Green Invitational Nettey, Christabel Arizona State 20′ 10″ / 6.35m Mtn T’s Open Williams, Chrishawn North Carolina 20′ 8½” / 6.31m Armory Coll Inv Simpson, Francine Kansas 20′ 8½” / 6.31m Armory Coll Inv Porter, Chanice Georgia 20′ 7¼” / 6.28m Akron Inv Moen-Davis, LaQue Texas A&M 20′ 6¼” / 6.25m Armory Coll Inv Griva, Mara Nebraska 20′ 4½” / 6.21m Husker Inv Triple Jump Thomas, Shanieka San Diego St. 44′ 4″ / 13.51m New Mexico Cl Brewer, Ciarra Florida 42′ 5½” / 12.94m Husker Inv Griva, Mara Nebraska 42′ 5¼” / 12.93m Husker Inv Moen-Davis, LaQue Texas A&M 42′ 0¾” / 12.82m Armory Coll Inv Ouedraogo, Amanda Abilene Christian 42′ 0″ / 12.80m Armory Coll Inv Ehrhardt, Caroline Western Ontario 41′ 9¾” / 12.74m Meyo Invite Emanuel, Keri LSU 41′ 8½” / 12.71m Armory Coll Inv Rose, Dallas Virginia 41′ 7¼” / 12.68m Sykes/Sabock Shot Put Labonte, Julie Arizona 56′ 10¼” / 17.33m New Mexico Cl Johnson, Felisha Indiana State 55′ 9¼” / 17.00m Meyo Invite Hillman, Christina Iowa State 55′ 9″ / 16.99m Armory Coll Inv Hasslen, Alyssa Arizona 55′ 4¾” / 16.88m New Mexico Cl White, Skylar Baylor 54′ 9½” / 16.70m Husker Inv Abdullah, Khadija Louisville 54′ 6″ / 16.61m Meyo Invite Smith, Brittany Illinois State 54′ 3¼” / 16.54m Bob Keck Inv Jelmini, Anna Arizona State 54′ 3¼” / 16.54m Mtn T’s Open Weight Throw Krechyk, Alena Kansas 71′ 4¾” / 21.76m Armory Coll Inv Rohl, Beth Michigan State 70′ 1¾” / 21.38m Findlay Open Hinton, Denise LSU 69′ 9¾” / 21.28m Armory Coll Inv Waller, Brittney Clemson 69′ 9″ / 21.26m Armory Coll Inv Cooks, Alexis Akron 68′ 11¾” / 21.02m Akron Inv Rowland, Jessica Findlay 68′ 11¾” / 21.02m Findlay Open Johnson, Felisha Indiana State 68′ 3¼” / 20.81m Meyo Invite Bunch, Dani Purdue 67′ 11¾” / 20.72m Meyo Invite Pentathlon Friesen, Tanya Wichita State 4065 # Varsity Apts Inv Charles, Charlene Jacksonville 4049 Sykes/Sabock Latham, Deanna Wisconsin 4024 Husker Inv Flax, Jessica Wisconsin 4009 Husker Inv Martin, Anne Nebraska 3901 Husker Inv Jules, Vanessa Marshall 3827 Akron Inv Stiens, Jordan Nebraska 3827 Husker Inv Maurer, Shaye Southern Utah 3774 Mtn T’s Open

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