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Monday, September 7, 2009 at 2:17pm EDT

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Youth RunningMy junior year of high school some friends convinced me to tryout for the Cross Country team at school. The first few weeks were hard but I soon came to love running – running that was not done on a track. I loved the workouts we did at a local park, the runs that took us through the woods, and even the ones that involved hills – big hills. After high school I continued to run – whenever I could find a running buddy (because running alone is just no fun to me).

My favorite run became the 5-mile loop through the woods, around the lake and along side the golf course of a local county park. It became my Sunday morning reawakening. For years I met a good friend or two at the park at least once a week for our run – never really obsessed with our time – rather more concerned about getting caught up on the week’s news and how we felt. We did local races – 5k, 10k, and even a 10-miler or two – not because we ever thought we could win, but because it was just fun.

Unfortunately my running days are behind me -  a genetic pre-disposition to deteriorating joints and arthritis have me doing other forms of exercise (like walking, golf and swimming) – I really do miss the run and the feeling of the crisp morning air going through my lungs.

Now my kids are old enough to participate in running – and I think my son may even try Cross Country next year when he starts high school. In looking for resources to help them have more fun running and looking for some upcoming races I have found some great youth running resources:

I also recommend checking your local running store for more information on upcoming races, clinics and youth running groups in your area.

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