Goals: Hard Work, Faith, And Patience Required

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Monday, January 30, 2012 at 7:32pm EST

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As I was putting my different review posts together, I realized that I haven’t written about goal setting all that much.  I think part of the reason is because goals are in that weird zone between tangible and intangible.  They’re certainly concrete and the thing that keeps the engines of our teams chugging along…thus the tangible.  But they’re not something you can grab hold of…we can’t teach goal achievement.  Thus the intangible.  Goals are in the no man’s land of my blog, but I have written a bit about goals…hope you like what you see!

5 posts to guide you and your team through the goal setting process

Teams are all about goals.  We have personal goals, short-term goals, and long-term goals.  But before we get into how to actually accomplish your goals, let’s go back to the beginning and check out what you need to accomplish your goals.  I’m not talking about follow-through and desire and motivation…much more basic than that.  I’m talking about the day after your season is over and you’re already looking forward to the following season…what will you need?  Here’s A Quick Way Your Team Can Accomplish Goals

As a manager of people (and that’s what we are, right?), do you know how to lead your team through the goal setting process?  Every team has an interesting mix of individual and corporate goals…and managing those is an interesting process in itself!  We’ve got to come up with, define, and try to accomplish goals that are months away from fruition…that’s no easy task.  12 Step Program: Follow These Steps To Accomplish Your Goals

I’ve watched parts of the movie Hoosiers with my teams before and the results are always good.  I haven’t used it as a “fire up to beat the big team”, because I worry that I’ll get them too riled up for one game.  But it’s great for an “us against the world” kind of thing.  And that mantra works whether your team isn’t very good and no one expects much from you or you’re expected to win it all.  The beauty in the movie is that it truly is a team that makes it happen.  Hickory’s new coach has a shady past, one of the player’s dad is a drunk, and their best player quits in the middle of the season.  Not exactly how you’d write up a successful season…but they are.  Together.  Effective Use Of Films For Goal Setting

At the beginning of the season, the sky’s the limit.  But after a few weeks and some competition, the team starts to see where they stand…and that’s when it’s time to take a step back and give your team a hard look.  I don’t care whether or not your team is undefeated or hasn’t recorded its first win yet, every coach must give their team a once over.  We have an obligation to look at our teams with a mix of optimistic realism.  Let’s look at three areas where the discipline to confront reality is necessary.  3 Steps To Accomplish Your Goals…No Matter What

If you typed “goal setting” into an internet search engine, you’d get over sixty eight million results in less than a second.  Life is all about goals.  Whether it is to graduate from college within a certain time period, to get married by a particular benchmark, or even earn your first million dollars at a specific age…life truly is all about setting, achieving, and resetting goals.  I think can be a great gift that we give to our student-athletes which they’ll use in both their professional and personal lives for years to come.  G Is For Goals: Setting Attainable, Challenging, and Assessible Goals

As Charles C. Noble said, “you must have long term goals to keep you from being frustrated by short term failures.”  I think we all understand that we’ll fail a whole bunch on our way to whatever success we’re aiming for…goals will keep us focused on the big picture.

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