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today, February 18, 2011 at 10:39am EST

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Hello Everyone!

Yes, I know it has been a while since the last time I actually blogged, well blogged for all of you guys. I have been busy working on things for our summer camps.  The last month I have been working on brochure designs, t-shirt logos, pricing, venue, staff, and everything else that comes with organizing and directing a summer camp. Although this has been a lot of work, I am glad to say that the basketball camp is all ready to go. As for the team here, we have won two more games and actually still have a chance to save ourselves from dropping down to the second division.  We have another opportunity this weekend to win against my old team from last season, Girona.  Things are still positive for us, we just need to make sure that we do not let the "end of the season" feeling steer is from our goal.

In other news, I have finally made friends with all of my neighbors on my apartment floor.  This is probably the first time that I have actually met all of my neighbors and the first time that they speak to me outside of the building! One family with two children came to my game a few weeks ago, so every time they see me I get a "hello, how do you do?" in English (the kids love speaking in English with me) or their parents chanting our team cheer (clapping included!) My other neighbors are all old couples who cannot believe how tall I am. When we are downstairs checking our mail or in the elevator together they grab me and say "Ay dios mio, que alta" (Oh my God, how tall). One neighbor always grabs my arm and rests her head against it in awe at how tall I am.  The man directly across the hall from me brought me back oranges from his trip down to Valencia and hung them on my door.  He came by a few days later to make sure that I ate them and if I really liked them. Who can resist fresh oranges from Valencia??? I have to say that it has been really cool to know everyone on my “piso” and having these different interactions with them. Just like my moment in the bakery, another small victory for me in a foreign land!

One countdown that I can begin is the arrival of my mom in less than 27 days! Everyone have a great weekend. For those of you who are at the NBA All-Star weekend have a great time. I hear that there are some cool commercials airing this weekend too. I will catch everything on Monday when I return from my game. Hasta luego!




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anngaff says:

Kaayla - send me the details about your camp so we can put it on our map of camps and clincs! (womentalksports.com/map) - ann@womentalksports.com

Sounds like fun, glad to have you back blogging!

Friday, February 18, 2011 at 10:55am EST

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