The San Francisco Marathon (Part 4)

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Saturday, September 24, 2011 at 4:10pm EDT

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Part 4 of The San Francisco Marathon! Today is race day!

Note: this post is mostly photos. 63 of them to be exact :) . The main race recap is at the end. Don’t worry, you can zoom right to the bottom for it :) .

For some strange reason, my body decided to wake up at 2:30 a.m. A full two hours before I was supposed to get up – lovely! Finally rolled out of bed at 4:30 a.m. God, I love race mornings.

Morning runners!

Seeing the runners from the balcony I felt that they needed a good morning greeting and did so :) . You have to find the humor in the dawn of a new day :) .

San Francisco in the dawn!


Ferry Building lit up!


Fellow ambassadors Joe & Laura! (At 5:00am)


The race started at 5:30am and my wave started around 5:45am. After getting a few photos, I dashed to my corral. Halfway there I realized I still had on my long sleeve running shirt! Oops! So back to Gear Check and ditched it. See ya on the flip side baby! It was a gorgeous morning. I love seeing the sun rise as we run. What a perfect way to wake up! 


Bay Bridge (and excited runners).

The San Francisco Marathon start line


The city in the dark (and runners getting ready to run).


Let's run!


Self-portrait . :)


Start line and the Ferry Building


Start line!

Lights in the dark

The sun is on it's way! And we are running!

Here we go!


Kind of digging the blurry photo!!

Heading out for a run. With a few others. :)


My favorite mile. Thank you to all who serve our country.

Crissy Field (a rather blurry Crissy Field)

Can you spy it?

The fog is lifting!! YES!!

Getting ready to run over the Golden Gate Bridge!!


The Golden Gate Bridge in all of it's beauty.

How cool to be able to run over the Golden Gate Bridge!


Looking over the bay.


Direction sign. :)

Each mile marker sign was a unique piece of art! So very cool!

Beautiful Golden Gate Park

Crowds gathering to cheer us runners on!

Read closely. ;)

And the sign came true...

The music along the course rocked. A home town feel!

A new startup- Zaarly- sponsored a water stop. Fun!

The San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers- nice to have flowers at around mile 17. :)

Haight Street! (Going uphill)

Another shot of Haight Street

More fun signs to keep us runners from thinking about what mile we are at. This is around mile 19/20.

A nice park. I love parks! Wanted to check out the bench, but I didn't. :)

Fun building (and running downhill).

Can you see the answer from the previous question sign?

Another fun sign (hope you can read it). No, not the "no stopping sign".

The answer!

Fun motorcycles lined parts of the course.

Running up another hill. Fun!

Is it a ship? Is it a a truck? Is it a whale? It is a music rock band truck!

Pretty cool. Truck DJ!!

Side shot of DJ truck. It was blasting the music- and perfect for mile 23/24!

More cool DJ trucks!

Candlestick Park where the SF Giants play

Candlestick Park by the bay

Looking back at the park we just ran by

Marina. I love looking at the boats on the water. So peaceful.

26.2 miles later!!! Finish line, sweet finish line.

The amazing finish line! It was beautiful, fun and a true party all around!

There she is. :)

Jamba Juice smoothies at the finish line!!

Bike music!!

The bike music was seriously wicked cool.

More bike love

Running along the course (not bad for sweating+live updating+taking photos)!

Fellow ambassadors Monica, Nick and me. Post-race of course. :)

RACE RECAP: The San Francisco Marathon ROCKED. From the expo to the start line to the custom art signs at each mile to the triva question and answer signs along the course to the funky music bands to the finish line festival, it really was a spectacular day. Writing about it six weeks later I am still excited about it!

This race was like a home cooked meal. You felt at home. Welcome. Like the race cared about you. It was awesome!

I ran this race as a training run and to have fun! And that I did. In fact, I didn’t just have fun, I had the time of my life! Yes, running 26.2 miles is a blast! The weather was PERFECT. It remained overcast all day. The spectators were awesome. The volunteers friendly. The finish line was one of the best I have ever seen! The blue lanterns made for a lovely, party feel.

I love running. And I loved running The San Francisco Marathon.

Make sure you put this race on your calendar for future years!

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