Female grandmasters and MMA gighters: Dana White channels Pat Robertson

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Saturday, November 21, 2009 at 2:15pm EST

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Skip straight to 4:25 on this video to hear the shocking part.

Dana White is lighting up a tiny bit of press (why not a helluva lot more??) with his recent answer to the question: “Do you think you’ll do a female season of Ultimate Fighter?”

“Here’s the thing,” Dana says, and we all wait expectantly. “The problem is there’s not enough good girls to fight in the division, okay?”

At this point I have a WTF kind of look on my face. It’s easy to imagine if you try.

“It’s probably gonna be a while before that happens,” he says, and then he drops an even bigger bomb. “It’s the same thing with boxing. Even when women’s boxing was big you had three or four girls who were really good and a lot of girls that weren’t.”

Go ahead and set your phasers on stun, and let’s put him out of our misery.

danawhite“I sound like I’m sexist or something,” he comments, and I think, No. You sound like you’re dumber than a rock.

Dana went on to day that he’d actually seen a “girl fight” once (Wow, really, Dana? You mean you’re not just making wild guesses about the lack of women in fight sports?) between a “really pretty, beautiful girl” and one “who looked exactly like Randy Couture.” And it was a beatdown, and he “doesn’t like even thinking about it.”

Golly, we all feel sorry for you now. Having to think about that scary bad fight.

“So that’s my story,” he finishes lamely, “on women’s MMA.”

What an ass.

Do you remember (November 1989) when Pat Robertson made this comment: “The key in terms of mental ability is chess. There’s never been a woman Grand Master chess player. Once you get one, then I’ll buy some of the feminism.”

Yeah. At the time there were two female Grand Masters in chess, and since then there’ve been several more.

So, in order to assist Dana White with his…problem, Savage Science helpfully published a list of 32 top women MMA fighters in the 145 weight category (candidates to fight Gina Carano).

Now this is only a handful of the women in that one weight category, but guess what, Dana? There are other weight categories in women’s MMA. Amazing news for you, I know.

Do you need someone to determine which ones are “really pretty” too, or can you handle that part?

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madiq says:

This is why it's so important to root for the success of Strikeforce. They get it. Non-UFC mixed martial arts is all at the same level of popularity, whether the fights are fought by men or by women, and they want to grow the sport, not just a business or brand. In doing so, they are taking the "risk" of having shows headlined by female fighters, and expanding the "women's division" as a concept, by introducing a 135-pound weight class alongside their 145-pound division. This is HUGE, because it helps to support the notion that female fighters needn't be squeezed into this "Girlfight Ghetto," where it's all a sideshow, but that there are legitimate objectives in crowning the best fighters in the world, be they male or female.

In 2012, we'll have a freshly-minted class of Olympian boxers looking to ply their respective trades, and I remain hopeful that a few of them cross-train to fight MMA. These women, who will have represented their country abroad in competition, deserve more than be derided by the head of the largest and most powerful mixed martial arts organization in the world, so hopefully by that time, Strikeforce, Showtime, and CBS will provide a viable platform for an alternative way of thinking about MMA than the Macho Misogynistic Arrogance epitomized by Dana White.

Saturday, November 21, 2009 at 2:54pm EST

Lisa Creech Bledsoe says:

Well put! My money is with Strikeforce. Literally -- I paid to see Carano v. Cyborg, and I'll pay if I have to in order to see Cyborg v. Coenen in January.

And we agree that cross-training is the way to go. Erin Toughill is a great example of an outstanding pro boxer/MMA fighter. It can only help both sports.

Thanks again for reading. Your comment makes me want to cheer!

Sunday, November 22, 2009 at 9:53am EST

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