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Wednesday, April 6, 2011 at 12:22pm EDT

Olympic softball gold and silver medalist, President of the Women's Sports Foundation, ESPN color analyst and new mom!!

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One thing I have learned in trying to be the person who wears many hats, is that there is never the perfect amount of time spent for everything you want or need to get done. I have worn the hat of professional softball player, Olympian, President of the Women’s Sports Foundation, Global Ambassador for sport, ESPN lead analyst and football sideline reporter, and since 2009 a mom (which feels like 60 hats in one, something you might see at the horse races in Del Mar). One of the most common questions I get is, “How do you balance it all?” I have learned that question alone automatically gets my stress levels going and my heart pumping faster. Let’s be honest, no matter how hard we try, and organized we make things, our lives will never be perfectly “balanced” the way society portrays it, at least not every single day.

To me, balance is always going to be uneven. But just as the athlete’s mindset would be during a hard workout, the more life (or a one-leg RDL in workout world) makes me unbalanced, the stronger I get to become balanced. I strive to make a good living for myself, be the best mom possible, make sure I am always giving back to make this world better, and living a healthy lifestyle. So when I am really trucking along in one of these areas, usually one will tend to slip. My focus is constantly shifting to the area of my life that needs more attention. But because I am not giving 100% of all my time to any one thing, I never get bored. I am known for being high energy and full of passion for everything I do. I truly believe I can continue to bring that energy and optimism to all facets of my life because I am constantly shifting the weight of my attention, finding balance briefly before the unbalance challenges me again. I feel that as long as I care about what I am doing and who I am, I can EMBRACE the imbalance for making me stronger and a more REAL person.

My point is this, don’t let the imbalances of our life make us stressed. We can always evaluate the priorities of what we care about, and how much we spend in certain areas of our lives, but being balanced should never be the end goal. My goal is to give as much as my heart lets me, and embrace the challenges that make me who I am.

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