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Monday, December 17, 2012 at 8:21am EST

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Maria Cornelius' name has become synonymous with the Tennessee Lady Vols. The veteran writer has been covering the team since 1998 for scout.com. She writes quality pieces, she posts video, and she takes amazing pictures. To say Maria is an expert on the subject is an understatement. It is why I interview her each fall for my Tennessee season preview.

Friday, Maria found out she has breast cancer. She "spent a day in a dark room" and then said to herself, "get up and fight".....and go to Texas.

She was in Austin today to cover the Lady Vol's match up with the Longhorns. Just like usual. That's the kind of woman she is.

I'm asking for your help right now: whatever you believe in sending up for others, could you send some up for Maria? Prayers, thoughts, good vibrations, holding her in light - whatever your spiritual and/or religious beliefs. Creating those energy fields really works, and although Maria is very strong, she could use even more strength energy as she gets ready to fight this battle.

Thank you. I appreciate it, but not as much as Maria will.

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