USA Women's Basketball Team wins their first of five exhibition games

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Saturday, October 1, 2011 at 1:14pm EDT

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The score: USA 77, Familia Schio 48. Brittney Griner lead the way with 15 points, and Swin Cash, Renee Montgomery and Tina Charles each chipped in 12.

Coach and player quotes.

Griner's blog. (This girl is almost 21 and she just had her first smoothie? Wow.)

More on the University of Cincinnati:

Basketball Coach Jamelle Elliot was "stunned" to learn of the violations at her school, which included hundreds of impermissible calls.

School statement.

Recruiting news:

September was a big month for committments.

Full September timeline.

And finally, some college notes......

I can't believe tomorrow is October already, and many Division I schools have their first practices on Monday. The college season is just around the corner!

This afternoon I went to the practice of one Pac-12 team. More to come soon........

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