2013 Mid-Year Report – The Submissions

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013 at 9:15pm EDT

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The female fight community are known for precision and technique, which has given the ladies an edge in cool submission. The year has seen some subs come out of no where, which has surprised and excited fans over the past six months.

Let’s take a look at some of them.



Rose Namajunas’s Flying Armbar over Kathina Catron – InvictaFC 5

It didn’t take long for Rose Namajunas to make history over Kathina Catron. In what was the fastest submission in the women’s divisions (11th fastest overall), Namajunas executed a flying armbar, getting the tap in only 12 seconds.

Watch the video here


Michelle Waterson’s Armbar of Jessica Penne – InvictaFC 5

There was a total of six submissions at InvictaFC 5, including the before mentioned Namjunas’s armbar. This also included the armbar that Michele Waterson executed to win the InvictaFC atomweight title. In what was a spirited grappling match which saw Waterson fended off an armbar in round 3, Waterson would sink her own on Penne, getting the tap and the belt.

Watch the video here


Rosey Rousey’s Armbar of Liz Carmouche – UFC 157

For many, it’s not new to see Ronda Rousey execute an armbar. To execute an armbar in the first ever female fight in the UFC is a whole other story.

After fending off a neck crank from Liz Carmouche early, Rousey got the armbar under the wire with 11 second left in the first round.

Watch the video here


Maddy Simmons’s Von Flue Choke over Jodi Cole – Ninja Fighting Challenge

Can state with some certainty that 90% of all MMA fights end with armbars, rear naked chokes, and guillotine chokes. When a fighter uses a rare submission, it is definitely worth mentioning.

Amateur fighter Maddy Simmons executed a Von Flue choke last week, which very few female fighters can ever state they have ever won with.

Watch the video here

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