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Friday, March 1, 2013 at 7:36pm EST

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cfa posterMiscellaneous news

The CFA featherweight tournament gets underway Saturday as eight up and coming 145ers will duke it out in the opening round.

The matches are:

  • Kelsey De Santis vs Allanna Jones (Co-main event)
  • Fallon Fox vs Ericka Newsome
  • Revelina Berto vs Peggy Morgan
  • Tori Adams vs Ashlee Evans-Smith

You can see the Thursday press conference here (the participants start at 7:00 in).

The weigh-ins will be live at 5:00 p.m. eastern/2:00 p.m. pst. today (Friday) on their UStream channel.

The fights themselves are available for $8 live Saturday night on UStream.com/CFAFights .


Courtesy Albuquerque Review Journal

Courtesy Albuquerque Review Journal

Thursday night, Holly Holm increased her winning streak to three as she took out Katie Merrill at Bellator in Rio Rancho, NM.

Holm used body punches and kicks to punish Merrill, and a kick towards the end of the first round would stumble Merrill. A right to Merrill’s side in the second round would finish her off. Holm has finished all of her opponents in similar fashion.  


The pay per view numbers for UFC 157 are estimated at 400,000 buys. Better than average for most UFC PPV, but not outdrawing the main guys (Anderson Silva, GSP, & John Jones). However, it was the most watched female  PPV fight in history.


Ronda Rousey took in a $90,000 salary plus a $45,000 win bonus for her efforts for her UFC 157 salary. Liz Carmouche got $12,000. These don’t include any sponsorship or undisclosed bonuses.

In contrast, the co-main eventers Dan Henderson and Lyoto Machida received $250,000 and $200,000 respectively.


If you want to see what happened behind the scenes at UFC 157 with Ronda Rousey and Liz Carmouche, you caw watch the video her.


There is a twitter campaign to get Liz Carmouche on Ellen. Make sure to tweet your support to @TheEllenShow.


A short documentary about Amanda Lucas was released this week, with an exclusive interview with her father George. You can watch it here.


Speaking of Lucas, the premier of her show “Robot Combat League” had 1.4. million viewers on Tuesday.


We reported last month pro wrestler Ivelisse Vélez would be making her MMA debut next week, but she has withdrawn from the fight due to her signing to TNA wrestling. She made her debut Thursday night.


The bill that would start a fight commission and essentially legalize MMA in South Dakota has passed the State Legislature. The Senate will fine tune the bill before sending it to Gov. Dennis Daugaard. Both the senate and the house passed it by huge margins.

Dauguaard is against the bill, but he could either sign it, not sign it (then it becomes law after 5 business days) or vetos it. If he vetos it the legislature can overturn with a 2/3 majority, which they currently have.


Kaitlin Young has been reporting that Gamebred has yet to pay her or give her merchandise for her fights in 2012. She stated only received half of the financial compensation promised for her July fight, and only received 15 of 100 signature shirts promised for the InvictaFC 1 fight.


Among those we found on twitter this week, pro boxer and MMA fighter Moncia Lovato (@monalov49), LegacyFC fighter Jennifer Scott (@Jennifer24Scott), and boxer Jelena Mrdjenovich (@JelenaBoxing)



This Sunday at 1 p.m. pacific/4 p.,m. eastern on the Wombat Sports podcast we’ll have Canadian MMA fighter Charmaine Tweet, who will be facing Sy Jewett at AFC March 15 live on AXS TV.

You can listen live here.


In match announcements this week, InvictaFC vet Meghan Wright will take on Jihn Yu at Sugar Creek Showdown in Hinto, OK Apr. 6.


Jenna Fox will take on  Kim Woods for the ECR amateur bantamweight title at the QCCA Expo Center in Rock Island, IL March 9.


Amy Cadwell will be making her pro MMA debut against Thea Wolfe at The Pointe Casino in Kingston, WA May 11.



Looking like the next time we will see UFC champ Ronda Rousey in the octagon will be in July or August according to her manager, but….

The rumor in the Underground forums is that Rousey has been offered a role in the upcoming “Hunger Games” sequel ”Catching Fire”. Dana White is somewhat against the idea. You can listen to his reaction here courtesy of FuelTV.


Scheduled Fights


Besides the a fore mentioned CFA women’s tournament, several more fights are happening both Friday and Saturday.

In pro action, Jennifer Scott will take on Lauren Taylor at Legacy Fighting’s first ever female bout, which will air live on AXS TV. Centurion Fights in St. Joseph, MO will feature two women’s bouts; Marciea Allen vs. Ashleigh Curry and Nina Ansaroff vs Trisha Clark.

Amateur action includes:


  • Brenna Larkin vs. Cynthia Calvillo at Tuff-n-uff MMA in Las Vegas.


  • Vikki Marlow vs. Shannon Reid at King of the Cage in Las Vegas



Brandenburg, Germany

  • Ramona Kuehne vs. Halanna Dos Santos – WIBF/WBF/WBO super featherweight title

Morelos, Mexico

  • Victoria Argueta vs. Guadalupe Ramirez – vacant WBC Silver minimumweight title

Caracas, Venezuela

  • Olga Julio vs. Omaira Suarez
  • Ana Lozano vs. Carmen Regino

Meurthe-et-Moselle, France

  • Audrey Helf Tacconi vs. Sandy Coget

Southport, Queensland, Australia

  • Kori Farr vs. Narelle Leahey



Kings of Muay Thai Act 3 - Strasbourg, Luxembourg

  • Claire Haigh vs. Marlene Leveque
  • Kitty Wong vs. TBA

Journey Fight Series – Calgary, Canada (This will stream on GoFightLive.tv for $15)

  • Melissa Reaume vs. Ashley Nichols
  • Janice MacAulay vs. Christina Peteraf
  • Kelsey Andries vs. Nichole Glazik
  • Kara Freilich vs. Molli Barg


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