Fiona Muxlow Talks Coenen Fight; Goals for 2013

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Sunday, January 20, 2013 at 9:30am EST

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fiona muxlowIt takes some guts to take on the #1 ranked person in your weight class on ten days notice. Australian fighters tend to have that in spades.

Fiona Muxlow saw the experience as a way to learn, get her name out to the world, and live out her “DREAM” to fight in Japan, even though the odds were against her. Although she lost, the #8 ranked fighter in the featherweight division now has her sights on an InvictaFC debut in 2013.

We talked to Muxlow about the loss, her campaign to get into Invicta, and the growing popularity of Aussie female fighters.


Wombat Sports: It was a tough fight to take on in just 10 days with the #1 ranked Marloes Coenen. What did you gain from the loss?

Fiona Muxlow: A great big lump on the forehead and then two black eyes. As well as the realization that I actually have a pretty hard head. (Laughs.)

In all seriousness, I gained the knowledge of what it is like to play with the big girls and the confidence that I will be able to hang with them when I’m properly prepared. I think I was also a little bit shell shocked, fighting in Japan, but had always been a Dream of mine.

I hadn’t trained for MMA since my last fight on Brace in October for two reasons. One was because I was concentrating on my BJJ for the Pan Pacific Championships which were in November. Second, my MMA coach also retired from MMA coaching after Brace. (I have trained under him since 1996 and he is still my BJJ and sub wrestling but I knew Brace would be our last MMA fight together.)

When I was asked to do the fight, it came as a bit of a shock, but it was also something I couldn’t pass up. To fight the Number 1 and to fight in Japan? Who could I turn that down? I saw it as a learning experience and my line around the gym was “I have nothing  to lose but teeth”.

Don’t get me wrong’, I wanted to win and while at the time I was happy on how I went.  I know this wasn’t my best performance. I only lasted 3 and a half minutes of the first round and looking back at the video  Marloes honestly made me look ordinary.  But considering word around the place was most people expected her to KO me in the first minute I think I did OK. I made her work for the win; I wasn’t going to go down without a fight and gave her a sore knee with my head, according to her Facebook page.

However I also think I gave her and her skills a little too much respect and I know didn’t go after her as much as my game plan had called for. She is a classy fighter her ring craft is awesome . I understand why she is number 1.  One day I want a rematch, because I think I can beat her, but I have to fix some things first.

Wombat: We have talked in our previous interview about you taking up striking in Thailand. Is that still the plan? Are you looking into changing up some training?

Muxlow: Yes that is still the plan. At the moment I’m just working on saving up the money and the purse from Dream has helped  towards that.  I’m also looking at making more trips to Melbourne to train my wrestling with Team Takedown, and I’m also looking at doing some more boxing while I’m still in Australia. Retirement of my MMA coach means I have looked at mixing up my training even if I hadn’t wanted too.  My manager acted as my corner in Japan and he did a great job. He was also a coach at Kickstart, but I don’t usually train under him so there will be adjustments to be made.

W.S.: It’s been crazy the past couple of months seeing Bec Hyatt compete in Invicta and now Alex Chambers signing with the promotion. There has also been talk of you being scouted by them. Is there anyone you’d look forward to facing? 

F.M.: What is it people say, “At this point in time I cannot confirm or deny the rumors regarding me fighting for Invicta.”

As I said, a rematch with Marloes is something that I really do want for the future, but I know I have to earn that. I lucked into our first fight together.  Someone closer to me on the unified  ranking would be a smart choice. Hiroko Yamanaka looked like she would be  fun to fight and a few people have mentioned wanting to see me and Amanda Bell go at it. But honestly I just want to fight again so I can redeem my loss to Marloes.

W.S.: In Australia more and more women division matches are being booked, plus the opportunities to fight overseas. Where do you see Aussie WMMA in the next year?

F.M.: I see it finally starting to come into its own, at the moment it’s a small pool of girls, but the numbers seem to be growing every day.

Locally, I know of Brace & Storm Damage has been adding female fights and with Invicta supporting us ladies here in Australia, it gives us something to aim for. Not everyone fights at 135lb so UFC isn’t currently an option for most.

Dream indicated they would be keen to have me back so personally I  hope that will happen in 2013 and that I have also opened up the doors for a few more girls in Japan. India’s Super Fight League is another international card close to Australia that seem to be dedicated to having female matches each show.

But I honestly  think Invicta is what most girls are gunning for these days I know I am.

W.S.: Anyone you’d like to thanks?

F.M.: I’d like to thank Colin and all the crew at Kickstart Fitness Centre, Phil for Giving up his holiday time with his family to come with me to Japan at basically the drop of a hat. Chris Shen, Coach of Team Takedown for all his messages of support , with a little sport psychology thrown in. All my clients and the other coaches at CrossFit North Queensland who put up with me when I’m in fight training mode.

My 2012 Sponsors Rocktape Australia rocktap.com.au  and FenomKimonos.com.  And every single person who supports every female MMA fighter or future fighter and the promotions that we fight on.

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