UFC 157 Poster Released & What Other Firsts the Match Holds

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Sunday, December 16, 2012 at 10:03am EST

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16053_10151333613664382_1323653655_nFriday saw the release of the UFC 157 poster featuring Ronda Rousey & Liz Carmouche. This will be the first ever women’s match in UFC history, and the two were officially added to the UFC roster on the promotion’s website.

Besides them being the first females to fight on the octagon, the first title match, and the first to main event a UFC card, more history will be made Feb. 23 in Anaheim.

The First Female Title Fight to Headline a PPV

Five years ago, Gina Carano and Julie Kedzie fought in the first ever nationally televised female bout. Two and a half years ago, Cyborg Santos and Carano fought for the first ever women’s world recognized title on Showtime. With the Rousey versus Carmouche bout, it will be another milestone in the growing sport; the first female title match to headline a major PPV.

Carmouche Becomes the First Marine to Main Event a UFC

All though she isn’t the first marine to be in the UFC (Brian Stann beat her to it), Carmouche will have the honor of being the first to main event a UFC. Many other UFC fighters have served in the Army, Navy, and Air Force.

Rousey Becomes the First Olympic Medalist to Main Event a UFC

Although many Olympic wrestlers has passed through the UFC ranks, only two were medalists; Ronda Rousey in Judo, and Matt Lindland in freestyle wrestling. Although Lindland got a silver in his sport; he never main evented an UFC. Rousey will be the first, and more than likely not the last. With the influx of medalists including Rick Hawn and Sara McMann making waves in other organizations, expect they will soon be knocking at the UFC’s door.

Carmouche becomes the First Openly Gay Fighter to Fight in the Octagon.

As much as being the first female challenger to a UFC belt, Carmouche is breaking another glass ceiling, being the first lesbian to compete in the UFC. She doesn’t see this as a crusade but just being her. She told Karyn Bryant of MMA Heat…

“A lot of the fans that are straight or bi-sexual or whatever it happens to be, they’re just supportive of the fact that I’m open and honest with my sexuality. It’s not something I’m trying to hide.”

UFC President Dana White had not only changed his stance on female fighters in the UFC, but on gay fighters as well. White told reporters in October that he wasn’t opposed to openly gay fighters in the UFC.


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