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Friday, November 11, 2011 at 12:33am EST

Wombat sports is dedicated to women in combat sports. Former news editor of “Fightergirls” MarQ Piocos has been covering Women’s MMA for over three years, having picked up coverage of wrestling, boxing, and grappling. It is his vision to bring some of the best coverage to help bring and promote the ever expanding popularity of women’s MMA, wrestling, and martial arts with some of the best writers and athletes.

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Descended from British aristocracy, Danielle Curzon gave up the prop and circumstance to pursue her dream of a fighter. After some health problems, she become one of the first female referees for British MMA.

Her security company also has provided protection for some of the biggest Brisitsh celebs, including Emma Watson from the “Harry Potter” films.

We will discuss with Curzon about leaving her title, fighting in MMA, and using her skills outside the cage.

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